Tips for Navigating a Labor Shortage

labor shortage for contractors

Contractors everywhere are having a hard time finding enough skilled employees to add to their workforce. Keeping your business running smoothly is your priority, but you also cannot do everything on your own. As you struggle to get the qualified help you need, there are some things you can do to get through and to stay ahead. Offering contractor financing through HFS Financial is one way to keep your cash flow going during these days of short staff issues. Here are a few other tips for navigating a labor shortage as well.

Strategically Recruit Staff

Because the hiring market is very competitive right now, you want your recruiting strategy to be superior to that of other contractors. Put your hiring ad out in as many places as you possibly can. Online recruiting is more popular than ever. Visual ads placed around town can also still be effective if you do them well. Word of mouth is another great way to recruit staff. Have your employees and customers spread the word that you are hiring additional employees.

Make as accurate of a job description as possible so that you get applications only from candidates that you are willing to interview. Use something out of the ordinary to draw attention to your advertisement as well.

Take Advantage of Technology

Maybe you and some of your staff are wearing multiple hats right now to keep things afloat. Why not take advantage of technology in an age that thrives on it? Find some helpful software programs to help you with scheduling, invoicing, paying bills, communicating with staff and customers, and managing a host of other tasks. 

Hire a marketing company to manage your website for you. They will take care of keeping current and useful information readily available on your webpage for people searching for a job as well as homeowners seeking a contractor to do their remodel or renovation. Utilizing the ease of technology can save you and your employees valuable time to do the most important work — creating masterpieces.

Manage Your Money Wisely

One final thing from our tips for navigating a labor shortage is to manage your money wisely. You are looking for more employees so that your company can accomplish more work and thus bring in more income. Money is a big factor for successful business and for satisfied employees.

Many people looking for work are also looking for a salary that is worth their time. Try to offer wages that are comparable to others hired by contractors in your area. If possible, maybe offer a signing bonus or wages that are a little over the average.

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Tips for Navigating a Labor Shortage

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