What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Deck and Patio Contractor?

documents to expect to get from a deck and patio contractor

Your beautiful backyard is the perfect centerpiece for at-home fun. Adding a deck or patio to the scene only makes it better. As you search for the best deck and patio contractor to do the beautifying work for you, you want to know exactly what to expect throughout the construction process. There are certainly many things going through your mind. For instance, what documents should I expect to get from my deck and patio contractor?

HFS Financial is here to help homeowners properly prepare for their dream home improvements. We have extensive experience assisting homeowners with their home improvement financing needs. Our knowledgeable team can give you a list of important papers to look for in the days ahead as you watch your deck or patio come to life.

Document #1 – Deck and Patio Contractor Contract Agreement

First, an obvious document to expect is the contract. This is the agreement between you and the deck contractor regarding the project at hand. You will sign the contract to finalize the start to your partnership. The contract agreement should include all of the basic information. Look for the details of the build and the payment arrangements as well as the expectations you have for the contractor and vice versa. 

Document #2 – Construction Schedule

Next, a construction schedule or project schedule is important. You don’t want to be left in the dark about the timeline of what to expect for your patio project. The construction schedule lays out when the project will start and when it is expected to be completed. It also gives you the information about what to expect if delays do come up during the construction process. 

Document #3 – Scope of Work (SOW) 

Another document to dig for is the SOW. This paperwork contains the specifications and intricate details of the deck project. By perusing the scope of work, you can easily see who will be completing each portion of the construction, what methods they will use, and which materials they will utilize. One more important piece of information on this document is what will happen if a change order becomes a necessity.

Document #4 – Proof of Insurance

Next, the stack of paperwork should include some proof of valid insurance. You want to be able to confidently hire a contractor that has sufficient insurance. This is evidence that the contractor has your best interest in mind. They should have coverage to protect themselves, their employees, and your property simultaneously.  

Document #5 – Cost Estimate

What documents should I expect to get from my deck & patio contractor? Finally, be sure to study the cost estimate document that a patio contractor must provide. You want to familiarize yourself with the prices for materials and labor that you can expect for your new patio. Some contractors do an itemized estimate, while others generalize their plans. Either way, you can know how to budget accordingly.

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What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Deck and Patio Contractor?

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