What Documents Should I Expect to Get from my Door and Window Contractor?

documents from my door and window contractor

Hiring a great door and window contractor will go a long way in making sure your project is successful. As you prepare to get new doors and windows for your home, there are probably several questions on your mind. “What documents should I expect to get from my door and window contractor?” might be at the top of your list. HFS Financial is here to help you find your answer.

HFS Financial helps homeowners all across the country with their home improvement financing needs. Since we’ve been in the home improvement loan industry for nearly six decades, we are familiar with all that takes place throughout the construction process. Necessary paperwork is also something we can tell you all about.

Crucial Contract Documents

First, you probably already know that the contract is a crucial document that will be part of your packet of papers from the contractor. The contract agreement is the basis for all the other documents that give various details of your home improvement project. It outlines details regarding your responsibilities as well as theirs and is the official agreement for the project at hand. 

Conjectural Construction Schedule

Second, you will surely want to look for the construction schedule in your pile of papers. This document outlines the details of when you can expect your project to begin and to be completed. You will also find information about any resources and permits that will be necessary to complete all of the phases of the work.

Specific Scope of Work Documents

Third, another document a contractor should provide that is very useful is the scope of work. The scope of work will lay out the information about who will be responsible for each portion of the work. You can also see what materials and methods will be used when the work begins. And the scope of work document also explains how change orders will be dealt with throughout the course of the construction process.

Detailed Drawings

Fourth, contractors have drawings of their projected work to give you also. Dimensions, depths, and details like that are included in the construction drawings. These blueprints are a great way for the contractor to help you visualize what to expect when your door and window upgrade is complete.

Important Proof of Insurance 

Fifth, you want to know that the contractor you hire has sufficient insurance coverage for all types of scenarios. Workers comp coverage is important to look for. This is protection for the contractor’s employees who work on your property and are injured on the job. General liability is also important. This is protection for your home and property during the construction.

Essential Cost Estimates Documents

“What documents should I expect to get from my door and window contractor?” Sixth on our list is the essential cost estimate paperwork. There will be estimates of hard costs that cover the labor and materials — items that won’t change. Soft estimates will also be listed — items such as fees, permits, and taxes that will be incurred during the home improvement.

There may be additional documents as well, depending on the contractor you choose. But be sure you get a copy of all of these essential documents. Also, look for the information regarding the contractor financing available for you too. Contractors all over the United States partner with HFS Financial to offer excellent financing for your window and door installation.

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