What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractor?

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Steel buildings and pole barns are fairly complex construction projects — more so than many people realize. There are a lot of balls to juggle with them from start to finish, and as such, be prepared to receive plenty of documents from your steel building contractor. While they may seem overwhelming at first, these documents are what cover every last detail of your project, ensuring quality every step of the way.

Contract Agreement

The most important document you should receive from your pole barn and steel building contractor is a contract agreement. Read it carefully! It’s the legal form between you and your contractor and covers everything that will go into your project — details, specifications, other documents (see below), schedules, and so on.

Construction Schedule

The construction schedule document shows the schedule of the project, but with more details. It will cover the overall timeline, like the start and expected finish dates, and also specify when certain phases of the project should be done. 

Scope of Work (SOW)

The scope of work explains who will be doing what in the construction schedule. This includes tasks and phases of the project your contractor (or even subcontractors if they are working with any) will perform, how they will be done, and a complete list of materials that will be used. Both the scope of work and construction schedule documents explain what you should expect to be done throughout the construction of your pole barn or steel building.

Detailed Drawings and Plans

Once the scope of work has been determined, you should receive detailed drawings and construction plans of your pole barn or steel building. It will cover specific structure details such as sizing, materials, and placement on your property.

This is another document you must carefully review. If there is anything you want to change or even don’t like, now is the time to discuss it with your contractor! Better to update the drawing than to start construction and try to change the structure in the process of being built. That would be very costly to both you and your contractor.

Insurance, Workman’s Comp, and Construction Bond

These are the documents that protect both you and your contractor and their team. You’ll want to work with a contractor who is covered by insurance and has a workman’s comp in case any accident should occur on the construction site on your property. While your project will hopefully go on without a hitch, accidents do happen, so it’s better to be protected as much as possible.

An additional document that offers another layer of protection is a construction bond that states that your chosen contractor will complete your pole barn or steel building as agreed upon in your contract. If any specifications are not met by the end of the project, a bond protects you from a financial loss.

Proof of License

You’ll also want to be sure you’re working with a licensed contractor, so ask for proof of their license before making your final decision.

Documents of Cost Estimates

You should expect multiple cost estimates from your steel building contractor. When you first meet, they’ll provide you with an initial cost estimate bid, based on what you tell them you’re looking for. Keep in mind that this initial bid is subject to change! If you are comparing different contractors, you’ll likely receive several of these for comparison.

Later, once you’ve chosen a contractor and the final specifications and construction materials have been determined, your steel building contractor will then provide you with an itemized hard cost estimate for your project. There will also be a soft cost estimate for additional expenses, such as fees for permits and taxes, etc.

Together, they will make up your final cost and budget, and are essential in helping you find financing for your pole barn or steel building.

Financing for Your Pole Barn and Steel Building

Once you’ve received, reviewed, approved, and signed all necessary documents from your chosen contractor, it’s time to finance your pole barn or steel building project!* HFS Financial makes it easy. All it takes is a quick 60-second application. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

*Note that our pole barn loans are for primary residences only.

What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Pole Barn and Steel Building Contractor?

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