What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Roofing Contractor?

What documents should I expect from my roofing contractpr?

When you hire a roofing contractor, it’s right that you should have all the paperwork that you need to feel confident in your decision. But if you are asking, “What documents should I expect to get from my roofing contractor?”, HFS is here to help.

Although there is an array of paperwork that roofing contractors provide, there are a few key documents that you will want to look for. Here are the top ones.

Documents You Should Expect: The Contract

The contract should be the clearest and most detailed document that you receive, outlining all of the details for your project. This includes the scope of work, a timeline for completion, and expected costs for labor, materials, fees, and more. It should also include if permits are required, and that the contractor will be the one to file for the necessary permits for your project.

A payment schedule should also be included in the contract, outlining when payments are due and how much you will owe for each payment. This schedule should clearly state what is due before work begins, as well as details about any installment plans or other financing options available to you such as roof financing from HFS Financial.

A good contract will also include the terms of the agreement, such as any warranties or guarantees in case something goes wrong. Make sure to read all of these documents carefully to ensure that you understand them — and don’t be afraid to ask questions if something isn’t clear.

Documents You Should Expect: Proof of Insurance, License and Bonding

Your roofing job is a construction project, and as such, your roofing contractor needs to offer a level of protection for you and your home. In the documents you should expect from your roofing contractor, there should be paperwork for proof of insurance, license, and bonding.

Proof of insurance shows that the contractor carries worker’s compensation and liability insurance in case of any accidents or issues during the job. The licensing paperwork should prove that the contractor is licensed to do business in your state. Finally, a bond will guarantee the completion of the project if something happens to the contractor and your roof is not completed. A bond should cover the completion of your project at no extra cost to you.

Documents You Should Expect: Warranty Information

In addition to your contractual agreement with a roofing contractor, you should also receive special warranty information from either the contractor or manufacturer. A manufacturer’s warranty will cover any defects in material or workmanship for a certain length of time. Your contractor should provide you with a copy of this document and other important information related to its terms.

At the end of the day, it is important that you receive and understand all of your documents before signing them — and that you feel confident in hiring the roofing contractor that is right for your project.

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What Documents Should I Expect to Get from My Roofing Contractor?

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