What Every Swimming Pool Builder Needs in a Website

Having an effective, functional website is crucial for successful contractors and swimming pool builders. If you are in the process of updating your online presence, you’re definitely learning and looking for ways to improve your website. Great news! HFS Financial loves to offer helpful information for contractors and pool builders. Why? Because we specialize in new pool loans and home improvement loans. For nearly six decades, we’ve been helping contractors like you offer the best contractor financing for customers. Here is what every swimming pool builder needs in a website

Professional Photos and Videos are a Priority

First, you want your website to attract the attention of interested customers from the get-go. One very important thing that factors into that goal is to have professional photos and videos on all of the pages of your website. You are in one of the most visual industries around — designing someone’s dreams before their eyes. 

Have a professional photographer capture the beauty of your completed projects in the form of pictures and video clips. Then organize these visual advertisements of your work to make them effective on your website. 

A picture or video captures what you cannot say with just words. It allows homeowners a glimpse of what they can expect to see when they hire you and then watch their pool build from beginning to end. Customers will continue to search your site if they like what they see. This is why you want to be sure to invest in this very crucial part of building a pool builder website that will help your company thrive.

Pages of Pertinent Information Take Precedence

Next, you want to give potential customers the information they are searching very carefully to find before hiring a pool builder. As they research swimming pool websites, they will be trying to find several pieces of pertinent information. 

One thing they need to know is how much they need to budget for their dream pool. Give some price points for them to gauge their planning from. For example, tell what the average costs are for building various types and sizes of pools — from the smallest to the largest. If they can’t find how much money they are considering investing, they may move on to a different site.

Another important item to include on your pool builder website is what customers can expect throughout the building process. Homeowners who are about to launch a project like this want to know a timeline of events. Give the various stages of a pool build, what to expect during each phase, and approximately how long each portion will take. Helpful information goes a long way in giving them the peace of mind they need to get their pool build started.

Keep Financing Information Foremost 

One more element of what every swimming pool builder needs in a great website is user-friendly tabs for all of the need-to-know information. Make the financing information on your website very easily accessible by partnering with HFS Financial. We have a handy widget for your website that directs your customers to apply for the loan they need for their incredible pool build. Their loan is funded upfront — making your workload lighter and your cashflow higher. And the great part? It’s all at no cost to you! Our experienced loan consultants answer all questions and do all of the loan searching. We are available at 1-800-254-9560. Customers can also take just 60 seconds to inquire about ANY home improvement loan. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” Let your website work for you with the best contractor financing options from HFS Financial.


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