Which Pool Deck Material is Right For You?

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Concrete, stone, and pavers are great materials used to create a beautiful pool deck.

When you are investing in a new pool, you have several decisions to make regarding the style and design of your pool. This includes deciding which material is best suited for your pool deck (or pool patio). Your pool deck is where you will house your pool furniture, lounge chairs, tables, and more. The right pool deck material depends on your preference and the climate you live in. HFS Financial is here to help you decide which pool deck material is right for you.

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete is one of the most common pool deck materials to work with. Concrete pool decks can be broom finished (to create a standard concrete visual) or stamped. Stamped concrete is unique in that it can imitate almost any stone on the market. This means you can have a pool deck made of stamped concrete that looks almost identical to a stone pool deck – for a cheaper cost! Broom finished concrete is cheaper than stamped, but stamped does offer more customization options. The downside of stamped concrete? It it more susceptible to cracking if you live somewhere with cold winters.

Pool Deck Pavers

You might be familiar with the term “pavers” in reference to patio materials. Essentially, pavers are bricks made of concrete that can be arranged over a stone and sand base to interlock and form your pool deck. Pool deck pavers are durable and resistant to cracking. Another upside? If one of your pavers gets damaged, you can easily replace it by itself rather than replacing the entire pool deck.

Stone Pool Deck

Pool decks made of stone can create a truly unique visual appeal. Travertine, a type of limestone, is particularly popular for pool decks since it is not slippery when wet and stays cool to the touch regardless of high heat. Implementing a stone pool deck will cost you more than using other materials. The upside? The beauty and durability of a stone pool deck is unmatched.

Get a New Swimming Pool and Pay Off Your Bills

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Which Pool Deck Material is Right For You?

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