Who Can Finance My Hot Tub?

finance a hot tub like this one in a deck in the sunset

You’ve done your research, and you know there are HUGE differences between the cheapie hot tubs you find online and in the big box stores versus the quality hot tubs you find at a reputable dealer’s store. But that means spending thousands. Just like you finance other major purchases — like homes, cars, RVs, and boats — you can finance the spa you want. You want a hot tub that’s going to last. One that will withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of winter. One that comes with a solid warranty and is easy to maintain.  But who offers hot tub financing?

Hot Tub Dealers

Most spa dealers offer hot tub financing through their own partnerships, making it super convenient for their customers to buy the spa they want. Just as an automotive dealership offers financing — as do most RV dealers, boat dealers, etc. — your hot tub dealer likely has financing options for their customers to take advantage of. 

However, you aren’t locked into their financing. If the terms don’t look favorable, you can get your own financing through HFS Financial and still take advantage of whatever sales the dealer has going on at the time. In fact, they’ll consider it a cash sale since you’ll show up at their door with the lump sum in your hands. That often provides an excellent negotiation tool to get you the best deal possible.

Personal Loan Finance

Another way to finance your hot tub is by applying for a personal loan. You could do this through your bank. However, this could still be time-consuming as you look for the right loan with the best terms. Plus, you also run the risk of negatively impacting your credit score this way. If you try to apply for a hot tub loan, get denied, and try again, these multiple applications will affect your credit, making it even more difficult to get the hot tub financing you need.

Apply for Hot Tub Financing with HFS

Applying for a hot tub loan through HFS Financial is often much quicker than dealer financing and it doesn’t affect your credit score to find out if you qualify. We will also match you with hot tub loan options that offer the best terms in the industry, so you can choose the hot tub loan that is best for you. 

Also, our loan options allow you to borrow for more than just the cost of your spa. For instance, you may want to build a custom hot tub deck, add a privacy fence, or improve another area of your home. You may need to pay for a crane to deliver and place your hot tub, or you might need to hire an electrician or other contractor.

However, by covering more than just the spa, you’ll be able to more easily finance this backyard project as a whole. We even offer 120% financing in order to cover unexpected expenses that may occur during your hot tub installation.

HFS Financial also sends your money upfront, allowing you to hire and pay your contractor and your dealer whenever you need to.

Ready to finance your hot tub? Apply using our inquiry form here, and we’ll help you see what you prequalify for. It only takes 60 seconds to apply. Or if you have any questions about hot tub financing, contact us, and one of our experts will help you in any way they can. With HFS, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

*Psst! Are you a contractor or dealer looking to offer hot tub financing for your customers? HFS Financial can do that too!

Who Can Finance My Hot Tub?

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