Why Are You Supposed to Leave Water in Your Pool When Doing Your Pool Closing For Winter?

Closing your pool this winter

Did you know you are supposed to leave most of the water when doing your pool closing?

You may naturally assume it’s best to completely drain your pool of water for the winter months, because you fear the water will freeze and cause damage.  Actually, it’s not good to leave your pool empty when the weather gets cold.  Leaving your pool filled with water can help prevent your vinyl or concrete foundation from being damaged.  If this seems counterproductive to you, then you should keep reading for more information about leaving water in your pool during winter.

How does water protect the lining of a pool?

Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, leaving water in your pool protects its lining.  Pool lining can dry out when it’s left without water over time.  When it dries out, it can expand and stretch, leading to cracks and imperfections.  Then, when you fill the pool back up, the water can seep through those cracks and cause damage.  Clean water treated with winterizing chemicals and algaecide can help prevent freezing and algae.  Once the water is covered, you won’t need to worry about debris causing disgusting water.  Leave water in your pool if you want to protect your lining!

How much should you drain during pool closing?

Draining your pool past skimmer levels is usually a safe bet; the ability to clean the plumbing system is what is going to keep the whole thing from freezing and bursting during the winter.  Above-ground pools require less water drainage in general, because a lot of them have removable pumps and skimmer systems.  Although, if you have a cheaper pool that can be set up for under a thousand dollars, it’s probably smart to put it away altogether.  It’s hard to keep such a small body of water from freezing, so make sure you protect your yard and pool by putting it away for the season.

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Why Are You Supposed to Leave Water in Your Pool When Doing Your Pool Closing For Winter?

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