Why It’s Important To Offer Financing As A Contractor

Contractor saving money in glass piggy bank for financing

The business of a contractor is always growing. There is never any lack of home improvement projects that people decide need to be done. The market of contractors available is competitive, so you want your business to be the top choice of potential clients. This is why it’s important to offer financing as a contractor. To stay current with the competition, financing options are a must. Here are some of the best reasons why.

Range of Remodeling Costs

There are several different types of home improvements that need to be financed. Home remodeling is ever increasing in popularity. Many people get an amazing deal on a home purchase knowing that they are going to remodel the home before occupying it. The cost for each remodeling project is unique. The range of expenses involved varies greatly depending on the facelift or complete re-do that is being completed. Many dreams become extensive and just keep raising the cost required to complete them. For jobs of $5,000 or more, most of them require some type of financing assistance. 

This fact is great news for the contractor, because your workload stays steady. By offering a way to get access to financing options, there will be no dead season. Customers need the confidence that they do not have to rely on their savings account or bank account alone to fund their projects. Knowing the contractor that they choose also partners with a reliable financing company is great news for the customers as well.

Misconceptions of Magical Money 

In a dream world, all customers who want to remodel their home would just have cash on hand to cover the costs. However, this is NOT a reality for most people. No matter how hard they try to save money or to wait until the money is available, sometimes they just can’t get ahead. Offering financing options gives the clients the freedom to dream as little or as big as they want. It also provides the confidence that there is a way to complete their home improvement NOW, without having to wait for that magical money to appear. 

When unexpected problems arise in a home, such as a leaky roof or broken pipes in the bathroom, remodeling becomes a necessity. This is another time that financing options are advantageous. The home can be repaired and beautified immediately, and the customer does not have to stress about rounding up the funds to make it happen. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s important to offer financing as a contractor. It means keeping up with the competition and staying ahead of the game. 

Partnering with HFS Financial is a great choice for your contracting business. You can refer your customers to us, and let us work our magic. This frees you up to do your excellent work and not be concerned about whether or not the customers can proceed with their projects. We specialize in connecting your clients with the financing they need for all sorts of home improvement loans. With just a 60-second inquiry, your clients can have the answers they need before you know it. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 


Why It’s Important To Offer Financing As A Contractor

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