Why LED Pool Lights May Be Right For You

LED Pool Lights
LED Pool Lights
Can you benefit from upgrading to LED pool lights? Find out some of the advantages.

Considering an upgrade to your pool or just looking for the features that will make your new pool perfectly suited to your needs? There is no denying how useful pool lights can be, as they open up the possibilities and allow you to use your pool in new, exciting ways. That said, choosing the right pool lights isn’t always easy. Many people these days are opting for LEDs, which offer their own benefits and may just be the ideal option out there. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should invest in LED pool lights, read on for some more information. 

Save a Penny and Some Energy

If you use LED lights in the rest of your home, you already know the savings that they can offer. They can save both money and energy thanks to the fact that they use up to 86% less energy than traditional lightbulbs. Because they tend to last long, you’re also going to be buying fewer bulbs over the years, ultimately saving you a pretty penny in the end. By taking advantage of the efficiency offered by LED pool lights, you can keep your pool running better for longer and save some money and energy while doing so.

Longer Lasting Lighting

We’ve already mentioned that LED bulbs last longer, but it’s worth delving further into because it is truly such a huge benefit when it comes to pools specifically. Think about how lights are often placed within pool settings. They can be difficult to get to and are often a pain to replace, so having bulbs that last longer cuts down on the time spent maintaining your pool and gives you more time to enjoy it all instead. Your typical bulb may only last around 5,000 hours, but LEDs will give you somewhere between 30,000 to 50,000 hours of use.

Add a Touch of Variety

If you’re looking for a way to add some visual depth to your pool, colored LEDs are a great way to do so. Some pool owners go so far as to swap them out depending on the season or upcoming holidays, but you can also settle on one color for the whole year that suits you most accurately. 

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Why LED Pool Lights May Be Right For You

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