Why Online Reviews are Important to Deck and Patio Businesses

online reviews

It can be easy to tell yourself that online reviews don’t matter that much, or that no one reads those things anyway. But in actuality, online reviews are actually pretty important to deck and patio business owners. Gone are the days of building a business without the connectivity of the internet. And we don’t have The Yellow Pages anymore to guide us. So, more and more people are relying on online reviews to make their choices — especially when it comes to skilled work like deck and patio building. Here’s why online reviews are important to deck and patio businesses. 

Deck and Patio Contractor Visibility

One of the biggest reasons that online reviews are important to your deck and patio business is because it’s one of the primary ways you can get visibility as a business owner. Tons of people immediately take to the internet to find the “best patio contractor near me.” That search will quickly yield them a list of all the local contractor businesses in their area, complete with starred reviews. 

Google has reviews, Yelp has reviews, and even Facebook has a place where you can leave a review for a business. Basically, there is no escaping the online review, so it would be wise to make it work to your advantage. The better your reviews, the more likely someone is to consider hiring you for their next deck or patio build. 

Online Reviews Weed Out the Competition

Another consideration for online reviews is that they can help to weed out the competition. You want to make sure that you prioritize customer service and give your clients good reason to leave a positive review. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise your values or bend over backwards to please everyone. But you should strive for good business practices that will make people leave honest reviews. Simply operating well and producing quality work will go a long way to helping you utilize online reviews for your deck and patio business.

Contractor Financing and Online Reviews

Finally, consider the potential reviews have to influence your contractor financing. If you’re a deck or patio contractor who offers financing through HFS Financial, your online reviews can help you seal more deals and get the word out. Encourage your customers to leave you good reviews and mention that you offer financing. A lot of potential clients likely need deck financing or patio financing. But they may not be aware that contractor financing is even an option. Your online reviews can point them in the right direction, and, in turn, get you more business. 

If you’re not already offering contractor financing through HFS Financial, that’s your next step in moving your deck and patio business forward. HFS Financial offers your customers 100% funding up front, which means you can get the job done. And your clients can get the process started in about 60 seconds. Get started today and give our team a call at 1-800-254-9560 or apply for your partnership with our handy online form. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

Why Online Reviews are Important to Deck and Patio Businesses

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