Why Online Reviews Are Important to Fencing and Decking Businesses

The Home Improvement Business’s Guide to Yelp and Other Review Sites

Maintaining a fencing and decking business is hard work, and you often don’t have extra time to spend online. But making the extra time to monitor your fencing and decking business’s online presence might be a good move in the long term. It’s easy to underestimate the impact that online reviews have on your business, so avoid falling into that trap. Here’s why online reviews are so important to fencing and decking businesses. 

A First Introduction to Their Fencing and Decking Contractor

One major reason that online reviews are so important to fencing and decking businesses is because those reviews are often the first introduction of your business to your potential client. Ideally, you’d want every single one of your reviews to be impeccable, but that’s probably unrealistic. What is more realistic is for you to maintain an online presence for your business and address these reviews. 

Most online review sites have the option for you to claim your business and respond to reviews. Glowing reviews deserve an expression of thanks to a great customer. And at the very least, your potential clients can see that you are actively addressing negative reviews if they arise, and that you maintain professionalism. That often says more about your business than any negative review might. 

An Opportunity to Highlight Your Customer Service Practices

It’s important to note that you don’t have a lot of control over what people say about your business online, but you do have control over your customer service practices and how you respond online. However, you can’t respond to negative reviews online if you don’t know they’re there. Maintaining your online presence can be part of your customer service practices.

Oftentimes people will take to the internet before actually consulting with their decking and fencing contractor with their complaints and disappointments. You can use this as an opportunity to both address the issue when it’s appropriate to do so and showcase your customer service policies. When people see that you operate your business with integrity and good customer service, that’s a great advertisement for your business. 

A Way to Grow Your Business

And finally, online reviews are important because they can actually serve to grow your business by spreading the word. One of the first things people do when seeking out a decking or fencing contractor is take to the internet for any and all information they can gather. Online reviews are part of that information that they can gather, so you might as well use it to your advantage.

Encourage your clients to leave positive reviews for your business and to let their friends know about you. Online reviews are a great way for people to find out about your business to see that you do great work and to see what extra services you offer like contractor financing. Online reviews aren’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well make them work for you. 

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Why Online Reviews Are Important to Fencing and Decking Businesses

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