2 Platforms General Contractors Can Use to Get Leads

Man selecting platforms that general contractors can use to get more leads

You know you need leads for future work, but getting those leads may not be as easy as you had hoped. What platforms should general contractors use to get leads? Below are resources that may be particularly helpful for gathering the leads you need to help bring in more revenue.

Choosing The Right Platform(s) To Get Leads

Has your contracting business volume been stagnating . . . or worse, decreasing? Identify effective methods to generate useful active leads for more home renovation projects. Use the right platform to build a strong client-base and earn more revenue.

Successful general contractors needs just the right way to advertise their skills. You need an avenue that allows you to be heard clearly over the competition. Here are some great ideas.

Platforms General Contractors Can Use To Get Leads

Two platforms general contractors should use to get leads are social media and email. Each of these can offer specific advantages when used correctly.

Sensational Social Media

According to We Are Social, there are 3.484 BILLION social media users in the world today. What’s more? Over 98% of those users are on at least four different social media platforms. You should be, too! Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more allow you to cast a wide net and showcase your best attributes. You can also set up targeted advertising for the demographics you desire. Social media offers a quick way to communicate your savvy home improvement skills to a vast audience. With social media, clients can view an extensive amount of posts, receive notifications when you post something new, and research client reviews and comments. They can also view photo galleries to see the work that you’ve done, and they can automatically message you if they are interested. You can even post your business and contact info as well as any special offers that come up throughout the year. Your posts are also shareable — allowing happy clients to tell all their friends and family about their amazing contractor.

Exciting Email

Email can also give the opportunity to reach many people with one unified message that promotes your contracting strengths. If you already have an existing email list, you know you have a dedicated group of people who are already interested in your services. With email you can narrow down what projects you are interested in taking on, and get an immediate response back. You can also set up automated CRM (customer relationship management) emails that are scheduled to go out automatically to leads or current customers. It’s a fantastic way of utilizing technology to build your business.

Which choice is best?

So which platform is right for you? Both social media and email have their perks. In our opinion, using both platforms is the very best option.

Don’t forget your financing platform.

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2 Platforms General Contractors Can Use to Get Leads

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