The Best Solar Loans

Few home improvement projects offer the high-return potential benefits of adding solar panels to your home. Not only can you experience significant savings on ongoing utilities, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that you are helping to create clean, green energy for yourself and your family.

In America, the sun is an almost unlimited resource. And having a way to collect and convert the potential energy of the sun into kinetic energy that can be used for your home is truly a technological wonder. With the rising costs of energy rates across the country, the best time to see if solar loans are right for your home is now. Solar energy can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. Solar loans from HFS Financial are the best way to get started on a brand new way to power your home. 

Want to know more about solar energy and its benefits? Come discover the transformational journey to energy freedom with HFS Financial.

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What Is Solar Energy?

Capturing the potential energy of the sun is a genius move for any homeowner who is tired of paying exorbitant energy bills. If you’ve reached your limit, it’s time for a better energy option. But how do solar panels work? 

When you go solar, your panels will capture the light of the sun and convert it into usable energy. During peak sun hours, your solar panels produce more energy than one home uses. So, if you’re still connected to the grid (most homeowners do stay connected to the grid), the electric company credits you for the excess energy that your solar panels produce. During the night and when there’s not enough sunlight to fully power your home, you draw from those credits. 

Your solar company will design your system to produce enough excess energy that your bill should balance out. That’s called net-zero – when your overall energy consumption is the same or less than your solar panels produce. The more solar panels your home has, the easier this will be to accomplish. 

And when you need easy, HFS Financial is right here with the loan you’ll need to get the job done right.

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Is Solar Energy Right for My Home? What Are My Options?

Going solar is a smart investment. In fact, as energy rates continue to climb, solar energy is becoming more and more of a popular option for homeowners to help decrease monthly spending.

With roof-mount and ground-mount installation available, you can choose the option that works well for your home. Roof-mount solar panels attach directly to your roof, making it easy for you to capture the rays of the sun. Not only are they a sleek addition to your home, but they also are in a protected area that you won’t have to worry about. 

A ground mount, either on a foundation base or pole, is another fantastic option. If you have yard space or land that allows room for a ground mount system, this may be the perfect choice for you. Either way, the panels will be tilted and configured to capture the most light. And with the right solar panel system, you’ll soon be enjoying enhanced energy savings and efficiency as soon as installation happens.

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There’s no reason to wait to get started. With solar loans through HFS Financial, you can get the perfect solar system for your home sooner rather than later.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Loans for My Family?

Solar loans are a bright idea – giving you sustained control over your utility bills. This means more money in your pocket for things that are important to your family. Whether you are looking for substantial savings on monthly bills, are in the market for eco-friendly alternative energy, or just want to do your part to bless the planet, going solar is ideal. And with a solar loan from HFS Financial, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

With our easy, 60-second online application, you can quickly discover the rates and terms available for you to experience an array of benefits, including:

  • Huge savings on utilities
  • The ability to produce your own energy 
  • A saleable asset to your power company
  • Contributing to and not just consuming energy
  • No adverse production of gasses
  • An endless power supply, unlike fossil fuels
  • Easy to install, with multiple installation options
  • Increased home value
  • An excellent return on investment

Not only will you experience fantastic savings on your monthly utility bills, but you may also be eligible for a federal tax credit when you file your taxes through 2024. This can have a large impact on the money available to your family for other dreams and desires you may have.

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Solar Loans Are Key to Your Success

Wouldn’t you love to give the power company less of your hard-earned money? Doesn’t it sound great to help preserve our limited supplies of non-renewable energy sources? And don’t you want more disposable income to spend on your loved ones the way you want? HFS Financial believes in going green, which is why we help consumers find the loans they need to go solar.

Don’t wait another year to get huge savings for your home! Get your solar panels now with a solar loan from HFS Financial. Solar loans can help you achieve quick purchase and installation of an amazing solar energy system – meaning you can enjoy all of the benefits of solar energy now without waiting to save up to pay in cash.

Choose HFS Financial for Great Rates and Payment Options

A solar loan from HFS Financial makes you a cash buyer without money out of your pocket. With loans up to $500,000 available with excellent rates and terms, you can have the money you need upfront to cover the cost of your new system, as well as pay for any contractor or installation fees involved. 

Spread out the cost over time, all while receiving the incredible benefits of solar energy year after year. Apply now to see how going solar can impact your home!

In just 60 seconds, your life can be transformed from energy purchaser to energy producer. Our short online inquiry application makes it easy to see the options available for your solar needs. Upon preapproval, one of our exceptional team members will be in contact with you about solar loans available for your home. And with decades of experience in the home improvement lending industry, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice in HFS Financial.

With no staged funding, no collateral needed, and no bank-delayed processes, your energy savings are within reach. Get the loan you need at rates and terms you’ll love. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

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