About HFS Financial

Every home is a work in progress. There’s always a change you want to make that would increase the value of the home and make it more comfortable and convenient for everyone in your family.

A home improvement loan allows you to achieve your dreams. That’s why HFS Financial focuses solely on assisting homeowners that want to obtain the best home improvement loans available. We are able to assist customers nationwide.

HFS Financial was founded by experts in the financial field who wanted to provide homeowners with the most efficient way to fund their home improvement wants and needs. From financing inground and above-ground swimming pools to kitchen and bath remodels, and all the different projects in between, HFS Financial can help. Searching for the right home improvement loan takes valuable time, and there are always plenty of questions about interest, payback schedules, and loan disbursement (i.e. who controls the money).  Finding a low rate and a fair payment can be tough, even with great credit. With HFS, say hello to great rates and low monthly payments.

With HFS Financial, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time. That’s why we created the 60-Second Loan Inquiry and can get most consumers funded in record time. 

What We Do at HFS Financial

As experts in the home improvement financing industry, HFS’s goal is to get every single customer loan inquiry approved and funded quickly. We are the hassle-free lender who will get you a loan and leave you alone with the industry-leading HFS Financial rates! 

Once we’ve received your information through our 60-Second Loan Application, you will be notified of possible loan options quickly to discuss and review your loan terms and the home improvement project you have in mind. Simple, fast, honest, accurate, and completely confidential: that’s the type of service we provide clients seeking home improvement loans.

With HFS Financial, our courteous and knowledgeable representatives will help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, we’ll provide the answers. No red tape, no hassle, no jumping from department to department in search of answers. All you need to do is complete the no-obligation 60-Second Loan Application. Act today and get the home improvement loan you and your family deserve.

HFS Financial Services

HFS Financial can help you find financing options for the perfect home improvement loan for both exterior and interior home improvement projects. With our help, you can get the home improvement loan you need in less time than you think, along with better rates than you ever thought possible.

The list of HFS loans we provide is extensive. We provide loans for virtually any home improvement project you have. Our list of Home Improvement Loans includes:


HFS Financial strives to be the best financing partner for homeowners and home improvement contractors nationwide. If you have any questions or would like more information, call 1-800-254-9560 or inquire at www.hfsfin.com. HFS – “You Dream It, We Finance It.”