The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

Tired of dealing with an outdated, too small, or poorly designed kitchen? HFS Financial is here to help! At HFS, we offer kitchen remodel loans to transform the heart of your home into the beautiful, functional space you need.

What type of kitchen upgrade do you need? Better flow? A major style update? New countertops, appliances, and more storage? Whatever the case, a kitchen remodel loan from HFS Financial will make your kitchen your new favorite space at home.

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans for a Full Renovation

If you are ready to tear your kitchen down to the studs, a blank canvas is a smart way to re-envision your space. Starting over with a clean slate helps when you need to redesign every aspect of your kitchen. From new plumbing and electrical to new cabinets, counters, appliances, flooring, and more, a renovation makes your old kitchen new again. Plus, you’ll enjoy every second of your new space when it is custom-designed exactly how you want it. 

HFS Financial specializes in all sorts of home improvement loans, including those needed for a full kitchen renovation. You can even check your rate in just 60 seconds to see what funding is available for your dream kitchen project. One of our expert team members will contact you quickly to let you know the rates and terms available for your kitchen remodel. 

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

Kitchen Remodel Loans for Extra Storage

There are few things more frustrating than a kitchen without the storage you need to make it a usable space. Kitchen remodel loans are a great way to maximize the space in your kitchen. Consider adding a pantry with expansive shelving, an island with under-counter drawers, add more cabinets and shelves, and even doors and cabinets that extend to the ceiling of your kitchen. Score more storage in your remodel plans with loan options from HFS. You’ll be amazed at all the ways that extra storage space can affect how much you adore your new kitchen space.

Let HFS Financial help you get financing in place for all of your extra storage needs. From small appliance storage to pantry and food areas, you can finally have the perfect kitchen for your needs with HFS.

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

Kitchen Remodel Loans for Extra Seating

Although holiday guests can make extra seating requirements necessary for your kitchen, there may be other times of the year where additional seating could help make your kitchen more usable and enjoyable. Whether you need easy island seating for breakfast with your kids before school and work or an expandable kitchen table that can grow as your family grows, kitchen remodel loans are a great way to make your kitchen seating areas work for you.

Talk to your contractor about seating options for your new kitchen. And when your plans are in place, apply for financing through HFS Financial. With direct-to-consumer funding, you’ll have all the money you need up front to bring your dream kitchen to life. 

Kitchen Remodel Loans for Updated Appliances

If bisque, yellow, or avocado green appliances are keeping your kitchen trapped in the past, it sounds like it’s time to upgrade your appliances. With HFS, you can get that double wall oven you’ve been dreaming about. Upgrade to a professional stainless steel chef stove or french door refrigerator. Or, make a statement with colorful appliances in today’s latest color trends. You hire the contractor and pick the design, and let HFS Financial take care of your kitchen remodel financing.

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

Kitchen Remodel Loans for New Countertops & Backsplash

Reinvent your kitchen with new countertops and a gorgeous tile backsplash. Choose from a vast selection of marble, granite, Corian®, quartz, butcher block, and more. Then, add to the appeal of your kitchen with a stunning backsplash. From glass tile to ceramic, metal, porcelain, and other decorative finishes, you can design a space that is uniquely you.

And it couldn’t be easier to get the financing you need. You can apply online today or call 1-800-254-9560 to speak with a customer service representative directly. Our team members are pros when it comes to helping you fund the kitchen of your dreams. 

How Can I Know I Am Getting the Right Kitchen Remodel Loan?

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, the loan is nearly as important as the design. The right financing can mean the difference between a smooth project completion and a headache that seems to never end. You never want your kitchen remodel to be stalled due to a staged approval process, funds withheld by your lender, or any other delay that prevents you from getting into your beautiful new kitchen quickly.

Financing through HFS makes the loan process easy and allows you to control your project. You’ll receive your loan amount upfront – making you a cash buyer from the very beginning. This gives you complete control over your funding, allowing you to hire a contractor, make purchasing and design decisions, pay workers, and more.

The Best Kitchen Remodel Loans

With great rates and terms, it’s easy to see why people turn to HFS Financial time and time again for all their home improvement loan needs. Read reviews from our happy clients

I’m Ready to Get Started! How Do I Check My Rates and See My Payment Options?

If you are ready to take the leap into a kitchen remodel that maximizes your storage and seating, revitalizes your kitchen’s function and design, or upgrades appliances and aesthetics to the latest trends, HFS Financial is ready and waiting to help you with the financing you need to get the job done right.

Our inquiry form to check your rates takes just one minute to complete. One of our experts will be in contact with you to let you know the financing options available for your home. 

Your easy, hassle-free funding comes complete with a team of dedicated professionals who are invested in your kitchen remodel success. What are you waiting for? Receive funding before your kitchen remodel begins. 

With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

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