4 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Help for Contractors

Hire Seasonal Help

As we move into the warmer season, people want to upgrade their backyards and outdoor spaces, as well as make changes inside their home. That excitingly means extra work for contractors, but that also means you may need to hire a little extra help. You want to make sure you get this right. Hiring people who will be good workers is no easy task. Here are 4 tips for hiring seasonal help. 

Work Ethic

Building projects and construction are hard work. So, you want to make sure that you’re screening potential seasonal hires for their overall attitude and work ethic in addition to their actual skills. Many people can be taught how to swing a hammer and operate equipment. But it’s extremely difficult to teach someone how to have a positive attitude. Make sure to check references when you’re hiring seasonal help. 

Communicate Upfront 

The nature of seasonal work can sometimes make it more difficult to find. Many people need a long-term employment situation, and that’s understandable. So, make sure your job descriptions are clear and easy to understand. Communicate with potential hires that the job is seasonal and will have a specific end date. It’s a lot easier to find the seasonal help you need if everyone starts out on the same page. 


It’s not uncommon to lose seasonal help before the season is actually over. People will leave a job for various reasons, but it can be frustrating to have to hire another person for an even shorter period of time. Try to combat losing your seasonal employees early by giving incentives for those who stay. Consider giving bonuses at the completion of a building project or to those employees who finish out the season. You’ll likely have more help stay on if they know there’s the potential to earn more money. And you’ll end up saving yourself some time and trouble by not having to hire a brand new person mid-way through the season. 

Find a Good Source 

Seasonal work is not for everyone, but there’s one demographic you should always consider. Look for students who have summers off from school. College-age or high school students often need a job through the summer to earn some extra cash, but they aren’t necessarily looking to stay on long term. As a contractor, you offer what they need and a bit extra. You can pay them through the season. They can return to school in the fall, and they can learn some valuable skills to take with them the rest of their lives. And, as an added bonus, they could potentially come back year after year until they graduate. Find a good source for seasonal work, so you can always have the extra help you need.

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4 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Help for Contractors

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