5 Little Customer Service Tips That Make a Big Impact

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In any business transaction, excellent customer service is one of the most sought after results. As a contractor, you want your customers to love the service you and your team provide. A first impression is hard to forget, which makes leaving a great impression crucial. When excellent customer service is achieved, you will have satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement to bring more clients your way as they share their experience with their friends. Here are 5 little customer service tips that make a big impact.

Customers First — Unify Your Team

As a contractor, you are responsible for the reputation of your business. This means anyone who works for you needs to support your goals and ideas. Anyone who represents your business should share your values and be quick to enforce them. The customer’s desires and needs are the first consideration for each job you are completing. Keep this concept in front of your staff often.

Consider Communication Crucial

Be sure that you communicate well with customers through each step of the home improvement process. Go to bat for your customers when necessary, and work to get their projects completed in a timely manner. When unexpected delays arise, communicate that to the client immediately. This will give your customers peace of mind that you care about them and their project. Excellent communication is crucial and makes a big difference. 

Responsiveness is another important factor of communication. When a customer reaches out to you, make a point to answer their questions as soon as possible. Emails and phone calls cannot go ignored. If you will be unavailable for any extended period, let your employees and customers know. Always leave someone as a contact so that the customers can reach out if the need arises. 

Portray Problematic Information Positively

When communicating with your customers, positive words are much more effective in dealing with difficult situations. Miscommunication is inevitable. Correcting misunderstandings is easier when a positive attitude presents itself in the conversation. Let the customer know you are going out of your way to get the product they need, to fix the problem that has come up, or to complete the project they are anticipating. Be understanding of their feelings and reactions to delays in their plans. 

Integrate Technology 

As your business grows, you will need to rely on technology to do some things for your business. Technology is a friend to customer service excellence. Automated communication is helpful in some ways, like giving standard answers and replies. A current website is very advantageous for a successful business as well. Customers can find so many answers with just the click of a button. 

Reassure Customers with Financing Options

One more tip to help you have superior customer service is to offer financing options to your potential customers. With HFS Financial, you have a dedicated ally to help you get your clients the best in home improvement financing. In just 60 seconds, your customers can apply for a home improvement loan. With these 5 little customer service tips that make a big impact, you can ensure success for your contracting business. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


5 Little Customer Service Tips That Make a Big Impact

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