5 Services Contractors Should Promote During Fall

contractor services for fall

Contractors need steady work year round. This makes strategically promoting your services a must — especially as seasons change. Who knows best what jobs you can accomplish during the fall? You do! You want to keep your name out for potential clients at all times. HFS Financial is here to ensure that your customers can find the financing they need to hire you. All you need to do is to market yourself well. Here are 5 services contractors should promote during fall to get the work they need. 

Helpful Handyman

Due to health or busy schedules, there are many people out there who are unable to do simple home improvement projects around their house. As a talented contractor, you have the advantage in this situation. For steady business in the fall, you can easily offer your services to complete the “honey-do” lists that are piling up. Being a helpful handyman is a skill that is always useful.

Proficient Painter

Quality painting is something that is always in demand also. Outdoor painting in the fall is enjoyable and easy for you as an experienced contractor. You can find homeowners who are ready for a new color to change the entire look of their house.

There are sure to be customers who need indoor painting done as well. Many people like to freshen up the rooms inside their homes before they host family gatherings during the holiday season. They would be relieved to have a proficient painter available to complete this task for them.  

Winterizing Window Worker

Fall is also the time of year that homeowners start to check their windows and even doors for tight seals. Everyone knows that even the smallest hole can cost big time on the electric bills during the winter. As they examine their windows, they might decide it is time to upgrade the windows for the entire house. When this happens, you want them to contact you because you offer your services to install new windows. 

Reputable Roof Repairman

The roof is also an item that gets a good examination before the winter makes its annual appearance. Weather can take a toll on the tops of houses after many years. Why not market yourself as a roof repairman during the fall? When homeowners find that their roof is going to need to be replaced, they will know whom to call to do the job. 

Weathered Wood Repairman

One more of the 5 services that contractors should promote during the fall is a weathered wood repairman. Porches, siding, and even window casings can’t last forever. Excessive moisture will wear these areas down and make them prone to falling apart. Building is your expertise, which means this type of work would be simple and satisfying for you.

Fantastic Financing for Fall… and Anytime

HFS Financial pairs your customers with the financing they need when you partner with us for your contractor financing. They can apply today for ANY home improvement loan. Our loan officers are also available by phone at 1-800-254-9560

Home improvement financing is our specialty. Improving homes is yours. Let us help you keep your calendar busy for fall and for the future. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

5 Services Contractors Should Promote During Fall

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