Can I finance a home theater?


Imagine taking your movie watching, Netflix binging, and even video gaming to the next level with a personal home theater. A home theater, sometimes called a media room, may seem like a luxury only the super-rich can afford. But with the right financing options, you can construct a room that becomes the heart of your home. The kids will beg to spend time together and watching the big game with friends and family will create memories to last a lifetime.

Designing Your Dream

Home theaters are more than just a screen and some chairs. It’s an atmosphere. Sit down with your family and talk about the features that everyone wants to incorporate. Does everyone want seats with cup holders or chairs that recline? Or maybe you want both! How about a mini popcorn machine? And definitely a fridge for drinks. What about a projector vs a big screen TV? Go over all your options and choose the best for your needs.

The Cost of a Home Theater

Of course the cost of home theater will vary wildly based on the decisions you make. You can design a room for as little as $2,000 or build an addition to your home just for media, which will cost significantly more. The good news is that a home theater isn’t just an investment in family time — you’ll instantly boost your home’s value with this unique feature.

Get Financing for Your Media Room

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Can I finance a home theater?

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