Does Facebook Engagement Really Affect My Business?

You may find yourself wondering if maintaining that social media presence is actually worth the time and effort. The answer is a resounding yes. Social media can be a powerful marketing tool that costs you little to nothing in advertising. So, let’s take a look. Does Facebook engagement really affect my business?

What is Engagement?

Social media engagement, particularly on Facebook, is talking about all the times someone interacts with your post online. That can be anything from just reading it to clicking on it, to “liking” it, all the way down to actually contacting your business and making a purchase of some kind. The best kinds of engagement are when people actually comment on your posts. When they comment, you have the opportunity to respond and create a dialogue between you and the general public. That may sound unimportant or even intimidating, but it’s really a great tool for you as the owner of your construction business. 

Why Engagement Matters

These days all social media platforms have algorithms that organize the way that others see social posts. The algorithms are often based on how meaningful or interesting they deem a particular social post to be. They usually determine that by how much engagement a post receives. So, if you create a post that someone engages with then that post is more likely to be seen by more people. This is true because the algorithm determines that if one person found the content interesting, then another person is more likely to also find that same content interesting. 

When Facebook algorithms determine that your post is interesting and engaging, then it puts your content in the news feeds of people who might not normally see it. This becomes organic reach for your page which can often lead to new followers. New followers are more people who know about your business, which can lead to new customers for your contracting business.  If you were wondering, “Does Facebook engagement really affect my business?”, you can clearly see that it can have an enormous impact.

What is Engaging Content?

The takeaway here is that good, engaging content on your social media pages can affect your business by bringing in more clients. This is great news. But what exactly is engaging content? This is the fun part. Most people have a tendency to engage in social posts that are funny, entertaining, or meaningful in some way. Photos and videos are also viewed at a higher rate than just text.

As a contractor, think of posts that can spread awareness of your business but also engage people’s emotions. Do you have a dog who rides around with you? Give that good boy a hammer and a hard hat, take his photo, and post it regularly. Have you had a building project that greatly improved someone’s quality of life like a handicap ramp or a new set of front steps? Make short videos of your progress or interview your client (with permission, of course) and share that with your social media followers. Every little bit of engagement counts, and you might find that you enjoy interacting on social media.

Add Financing Into Your Facebook Content

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