The Easiest Way to Offer Financing for Your Home Improvement Business

The Easiest Way to Offer Financing for Your Home Improvement Business

Your business is humming along with a steady flow of customers. Your processes for onboarding new customers, developing estimates, and creating project timelines are top notch. Then it comes time for money talk. It can quickly take the conversation from visions of a remodeled living room to scrambling to find the funds for the project. Don’t let another project stall out due to lack of funds! We’ll share the easiest way to offer financing for your home improvement business. 

The Challenge

It’s estimated that over half of all home improvement projects over $5,000 require financing of some sort. When a client needs home repair done quickly, or it’s a remodel they’ve been dreaming of, it can be a major frustration to not have the money available. On your end, everything is in place and ready to start the project for a new client, except for the funding. They don’t have the cash on hand for the initial down payment and are now struggling to determine how they’ll pay. 

The Solution Made Simple

Your customers already trust your opinion when it comes to home improvement. It’s no surprise that they look to you for advice on financing options for their project

But don’t worry! You don’t have to have to add another area of expertise to your resume as a finance professional. Instead, try the easiest way to offer the best contractor financing for customers! In business, it’s all about knowing the right people. And when you know HFS Financial, you can place your clients into knowledgeable hands for all of their home improvement project financing needs. 

You see, when you work alongside HFS Financial, you allow us to do what we do best — connect your clients with the appropriate financing option for their project. Say goodbye to delayed project starts or customers frantically trying to find funding. You can breathe easy knowing they’ll find the perfect solution. 

Advantages of Offering Financing

By offering financing for your home improvement business, you establish your business as a one-stop shop. Customers will love the ease of working with you from start to finish. But there are other advantages to offering financing as well. 

  • You can increase sales and new contracts by providing a convenient experience for your clients. As a result, your company can serve more customers, which leads to growth for your business. 
  • Increased cash flow for your company. This allows you to get started on projects more quickly as well as not run into delays waiting on clients to provide payment or waiting on approvals for staged funding.
  • Build loyalty with your customers. When your clients know they’ll have a smooth experience from beginning to end, they’re more likely to come calling for future projects. Secure their business now and down the road by offering financing!

Connect Them with the Experts

Construction is your area of expertise, but ours is offering quality financing options. Take the responsibility of financing customers off of your shoulders and let us help. HFS Financial will connect your clients with the perfect financing option for all of their home improvement needs. Call us today at 1-800-254-9560. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Easiest Way to Offer Financing for Your Home Improvement Business

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