Expand Your Fencing And Decking Business By Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

an outdoor kitchen is beautifully built beneath a well-built deck from a fencing and decking business.

Outdoor kitchen installations are quickly gaining popularity, so there’s a lot of potential work for a contractor who already has a lot of know-how. Growing your business and expanding can be a tricky thing. You need to stay within your capabilities, but somehow bring in new clients. Offering outdoor kitchens as part of your fencing and decking business could be just the thing you need to branch out and grow your business even more. Here’s why you should expand your fencing and decking business by offering outdoor kitchen installations. 

Fencing and Decking Contractor Skills Translate Easily

One reason you can easily transition to offering outdoor kitchen builds as part of your fencing and decking business is because you’ve already developed and honed so many of the skills necessary to build them. Consider how your decks and fences have to be square, your familiarity with building materials, and even the placement of the decks and fences you build.

Adding an outdoor kitchen build onto or alongside the deck you’re already building would be an easy add on. Sure, you’d need to learn the ins and outs of outdoor kitchen appliances and their installation, but with any business expansion there will be a learning curve. And think about the extra clients you could gain.

Bring on More Clients with Outdoor Kitchen Installation

an outdoor kitchen is built beneath a beautiful deck.
You can build beautiful outdoor kitchens.

So much of the competitive nature of fencing contractors and decking contractors comes down to how much any given contractor has to offer. The more skills you develop and perfect, the more you can offer your clients, and the more jobs you’ll actually book. 

So many clients who are looking for fencing contractors and decking contractors are focused on improving their backyard appeal. Decks and fences provide the perfect upgrade for a client who needs a little more privacy or a place to relax and enjoy their time. That’s just the client for an outdoor kitchen, too. And if you’re the contractor who can build both their deck and their outdoor culinary space, that’s going to set you apart from the other competition. 

Contractor Financing for Outdoor Kitchens

Adding outdoor kitchens to your installation skill set also gives you the opportunity to offer more contractor financing to your clients. And contractor financing is yet another way to expand your business. When potential clients learn that you offer new installation options along with contractor financing, then you’ve opened up your own market wider than it was before. 

There are a lot of customers who are interested in the services you offer but may not be able to hire you without a little added assistance. Likewise, clients who have planned for a deck or fence installation may be able to go ahead and splurge for that outdoor kitchen install that they see since you offer contractor financing as well. 

Business expansion works together with all the moving parts of the things you’re able to offer, so set yourself up well with both outdoor kitchen installations and contractor financing. It’s a business move you won’t regret. 

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Expand Your Fencing And Decking Business By Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

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