Inground Pool Financing

Entertain Family and Friends With an Inground Pool!

Inground swimming pools are great for entertaining your whole family and a group of friends. They provide the healthy benefits of low-impact exercise and can even be used for hydrotherapy. We offer financing for all types of inground pools, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, concrete, shotcrete, gunite, and other types of inground pool financing. Pools prove to be a worthy investment, not just in the added value to your home, but for your healthy lifestyle and stronger relationships.

How Can HFS Financial Help With Inground Pool Financing?

HFS Financial exists to fill several notable gaps in the inground pool financing sector. First, we don’t require homeowners or pool installers to settle for small payments issued at stages of the build process. You’ll get the total loan amount you qualify for quickly — in one lump sum.  No more hassles with stage-funded loans that go directly to the builder. By having all of your money up front, you are able to pay the contractor the required payments at each stage of the construction process with no hassles.

We offer only unsecured loan options for inground swimming pools. Additionally, we offer loans up to $500,000, and require far less paperwork and “red tape” than banks and home equity loans. Get an inground pool loan big enough for your poolside furniture, fencing, pool decking, and everything you need.

Planning, designing, and building a new inground swimming pool is complicated enough. Obtaining financing for an inground pool shouldn’t be. If you’re ready to invest in an inground pool, HFS Financial can help. Check your rate and move one step closer to your dream backyard today!

Inground pool financing to entertain kids