Spa & Hot Tub Financing

Transform your backyard into a private spa retreat with a built-in hot tub or spa. Hot tubs are not only great for entertaining friends and family, they also provide the healthy benefits of hydrotherapy. Some states even offer a tax credit to get a therapeutic spa or hot tub! So whether you just want to soak for fun, improve your health, or treat sore muscles and aching joints, a hot tub is always a great addition to your home and life. HFS Financial makes spa financing and hot tub financing fast and easy.

Hot tubs and spas are generally installed more quickly than pools, but there are several things to consider when obtaining financing. For example, existing decks almost always have to be reinforced to accommodate the considerable weight of the spa, water, and bathers. Or, you’ll need to pour a concrete pad. Built-in hot tubs usually require a 220-volt outlet (you can’t use the standard 110-volt plugs most often found in homes), so consider the costs of hiring an electrician. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of a fence for security and privacy (this is often required by local building codes), and any additional things you want to include, such as a fire pit or landscaping around the spa.

Get a comprehensive quote from your local hot tub dealer, so you’ll know how much of a loan to apply for. Great news! HFS Financial works with swim spa loans, too! So, if you decide to get a swim spa as a fitness option that doubles as a relaxing hot tub, we’ve got you covered with an array of lending options from our network of lenders. Check your rate and get started today!

Why partner with HFS Financial for your spa financing and hot tub financing?

  • Fast 60-second credit inquiry
  • No staged payments; the customer gets all the money up front
  • We offer unsecured personal loans up to $500,000 and greater in some cases, for all your backyard and home improvement projects
  • Our fast inquiry does not affect your credit rating in any way                     
  • There is NO Social Security Number required to use our credit inquiry!



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