Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

Christmas lights hung on house without damaging roof

The Christmas season is here, and you’re beyond ready to get your Clark Griswold on and hang every light you can find, blow up every inflatable Frosty, and blare your Christmas hits from your loudspeaker. But before you break out those famous holiday decorations, we’ve got a few things to share with you about dangling those sparkling lights from your home. Let’s learn how to hang Christmas lights without damaging your roof because as much as your jingle bells rock, your lights can also cause wear and tear on your shingles and gutters if not done correctly.   

No Holes in the Roof, Please

Unless you’re a mouse, you don’t want your home looking like Swiss cheese. You want to avoid using your stapler or nail gun to hang those lights and decorations if at all possible. Puncturing holes into your shingles, eaves, or gutters will cause bigger issues well past the Christmas season, potentially leading to very costly repairs.

How can you hang Christmas lights without damaging your roof, then?

Clips Are Your Friends 

You may have read to use a glue gun, but you’re not doing your home any favors by sticking hot, stringy glue everywhere. When you go to hang your Christmas lights, plastic clips are by far the easiest, safest way to prevent damage to your roof and guttering. 

There is a vast array of clip options that are ideal for securing your decorations to your gutters, eaves, and even your shingles without harming valuable parts of your home. Opt for light clips for shingles or gutters, which feature a safe and easy way to install your Christmas lights. 

And what if you want to hang Christmas lights on the porch railing, your pergola, around your garage door, or swooped around grand columns? Use handy Christmas Light CommandTM hooks. They can do just the trick for damage-free installation. Your house will be decked out for the most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t Walk on Your Roof

Did you know that walking on your roof can be one of the most damaging things you can do? If the only time you take a stroll on your shingles is to hang Christmas decorations, it probably won’t hurt. But, if you can hang your lights from a ladder, both your roof and you will be safer. 

Walk gently, wear non-slip shoes such as tennis shoes, and don’t climb on your roof during direct sunlight to help lengthen the life of your roof whenever walking is unavoidable.

Don’t Hang Christmas Lights and Other Decorations Alone

One of our top safety tips is to never hang Christmas lights and other decorations alone. Not only do we not want you to damage your roof, we don’t want you to damage yourself — especially if you are using a ladder or potentially walking on your roof. 

Always have a family member or a friend either holding the ladder for you or nearby monitoring. Should an accident occur, you’ll have someone there to help you. Plus, it’s just more fun decorating your home with a loved one.

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Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

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