Hiring the Best Employees for your Contracting Business

Hiring the best employee for a job is a time-saving and money-saving success story. Conversely, placing an ill-fitted employee in a job in which they cannot excel is a costly mistake. The time spent searching, interviewing, and training is a lengthy endeavor which requires a lot of manpower. Don’t throw all that effort away by making a bad hire. Here are some tips for hiring the best employees for your contracting business.

The Importance of a Job Description

Spend some time analyzing the job you’re hiring for. What does this job require? What are the specialized aspects of the job that demand mastery? A thorough and accurate job description is the best way to start. Think about the kind of employee you want to attract, and then craft the job description in a way that ensures you will only get the best and most qualified people applying to fill the opening.

Oftentimes, job descriptions include such outrageous prerequisites that you could possibly scare off some really great candidates. Make sure the job posting doesn’t make a qualified candidate feel like they would never be considered. Accuracy of skills and experience, and not lofty desires, will result in hiring the best employees.

Looking in All the Right Places

Hiring the best employee also involves posting the job opening in the best places. Job ads used to appear mostly in the paper, before job search websites became the front runner. These days, posting job openings on social media is an important step. Where you look for candidates will determine what kind of candidates come to the table. Broaden your reach, and post as many places as possible.

Maintaining your Company’s Culture

A candidate could check off every box on the list of requirements, but still not be a good fit for your company. Think about how you can get a good feel for this before offering them the job. Consider a pre-screening interview. This approach saves time in the long run, and allows you to get a better idea of their qualifications and demeanor, rather than just reading their resume. A great time to make sure the salary you’re offering and the salary they’re expecting line up is over this pre-screening call.

Do they still seem like a promising fit after talking to them on the phone? Bring them into the office. Introduce them to other employees. Walk through the halls, and let them meet the ladder of leadership, from the bottom to the top. Pay attention to their friendliness, curiosity, personality, comfort level, and interest. The culture of your company is the backbone of the operation, and it is necessary that a new employee can seamlessly adjust and add value. Hiring the best employees for your business will require a good understanding of your company’s culture.

Avoid Hiring out of Desperation

Do not make the mistake of getting in a tight spot and needing to make a hire immediately. A hasty hire often doesn’t pan out well in the long run. Take your time to find the right candidate. If the first round of applicants doesn’t bring out a front runner, go back and start over. Tweak the job description. Analyze where you’re advertising the job opening, and consider new ideas. Ask for referrals. Don’t pick the first person who comes along. Pick the first RIGHT person.

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Hiring the Best Employees for your Contracting Business

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