Swim Spa Loans


Purchasing a swim spa can be one of the best investments you make in the health and wellness of everyone in your household. HFS Financial knows that owning an incredible swim spa enables you to exercise, relax, and enjoy time with loved ones all in one beautiful and convenient location. 

Gathering the funds to purchase your favorite model outright can be a challenge, though. That is why HFS Financial is here to help guide you through the process and get you the swim spa loan that you need to cover any and all expenses related to purchasing and installing this fantastic piece of innovative equipment. 

What Function Does a Swim Spa Serve?

The wonderful thing about swim spas is their ability to not only do double but triple duty. They can provide a place to exercise (in numerous ways), a place to relax, and a place to play and have fun with family and friends. 

They offer a Place to Exercise

An important reason many people want to invest in a swim spa is for a space-saving location to swim. While they are smaller than a pool that is large enough to swim laps in, today’s swim spa current technology allows you to swim in place against a continuous flow of water.

The current can be altered with most models to set a pace you feel comfortable with. From there, you can add things like mirrors to the bottom to help you evaluate your form or smart swim goggles that track your pace. Many professional swimmers use swim spas to help them train and increase endurance. 

You can do more than just swim in a swim spa, though. Many models come with accessories like a stationary bike, swim tether, underwater treadmill, rowing equipment, or even resistance bands that can be attached for additional workout options.

If you want to make the most out of owning a swim spa, consider investing in additional accessories. Creating an all-in-one home gym can give you access to incredible fitness in temperature-controlled water that is perfectly heated in any season.

They offer a Place to Relax

Swim spas are truly the best of both a pool and a spa. Once you are finished with your workout, you can use your spa as a hot tub. The water and filtration systems are similar to hot tubs. You will find sleek, ergonomic seats and jets in most mid-range models.

Some of the higher-end models even have options for separate swim and soak spaces. You can set your swimming area to a cooler temperature and have a separate hot tub zone for luxurious and relaxing soaks. 

Being able to move directly to a seat after a workout to have jets massage your muscles is an excellent recovery technique. For anyone who may struggle with a higher weight or pain that makes it difficult to work out, this combination can allow you to work out for longer periods of time with more consistency, since your body won’t need as much time to recover properly. 

They offer a Place to Unwind

Many people also use their swim spas as a place to enjoy family time. It is still a pool after all! Even if you have a smaller space, you can install a swim spa, and the kids can swim, play and have a great time.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor installation, swim and relax all year long as a family. Children love learning to swim and perfecting their strokes in the comfort of their own homes. 

Enjoy movie night, game night, or date night in the comfort of your swim spa with those you love. With so many sizes available, you can get one as large or small as you need. 


Who Can Use a Swim Spa?

Anyone can use a swim spa! In fact, that is a spectacular selling point. If you are looking to have a place that is convenient for therapy for anyone that you love, a swim spa is an excellent investment. 

Not only can it provide an amazing workout for those who don’t have any mobility issues, but it is also a wonderful place to work on any mobility issues you may have. A therapist can give you more specific instructions based on your needs, but the warm water, currents, and powerful jets allow you to work on your body in ways that can yield fantastic results. 

Where Can I Install a Swim Spa?

This is something to consider when planning out your budget for your swim spa. You can put them indoors or outdoors. You can also choose to leave them above ground, have them placed partially inground, or install them completely inground.

Indoors or Out?

The first decision you need to make is whether you want your swim spa installed indoors or outdoors. Placing them in basements, garages, or outdoors are the most popular options. 

Make sure when planning and budgeting that you factor in reinforcement for the floors in your home if you choose to place your spa indoors. You’ll also need a dedicated hardwired electrical connection wherever you decide to place it.

Inground or Above Ground?

The next decision is to place the swim spa in the ground or leave it above. If you don’t want your new spa in the ground, you need to think about whether you’re going to add a deck, steps, or any sort of structure around the swim spa itself to make it more accessible. You can plan these additions with most dealers.

What Benefits Does a Swim Spa Offer?

A swim spa offers all of the same exceptional benefits that a hot tub affords you, including pain relief, weight loss, and increased flexibility and mobility.

In addition to these, it also provides all of the benefits associated with regular exercise. Better heart health is at the top of these benefits. Imagine also having better mental health, sleep, weight management skills, and so much more with just one purchase.


Where Can I Finance My Swim Spa?

Now that you have all the information on what a swim spa can offer, you are ready to make a purchase. HFS Financial can help you find the financing you need to set the stage for health, renewal, and enjoyment. 

With a personal loan, you can get financing to purchase a swim spa and install any other necessary equipment with it. 

Make sure you have considered all of the additional equipment and installation charges that may come with your new spa. Things like a concrete foundation, steps, decking, electrical, start-up chemicals, or even an automated cover can be purchased with your loan. 

Where Can I Apply?

Applying for a personal loan through HFS Financial couldn’t be easier. In just 60 seconds, you can submit an inquiry with our rate checker that won’t affect your credit score. 

If you are conditionally approved for a loan, one of our representatives will reach out to you shortly to help you complete the full loan application process. 

Don’t wait another minute to start living a healthier, more fulfilling life. Start the process of obtaining financing for your swim spa today. Once your loan is approved, you’ll have money to start planning the ideal swim spa installation. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It. We Finance It.”


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