Does My Home’s Foundation Need Repairs

home’s foundation needs repairs

Your home likely means a lot to you. After all, it keeps you warm and secure and provides the backdrop for heartwarming memories. With that in mind, it’s no wonder you’d want it to remain structurally sound. Your home’s foundation is what’s holding the house up, so it’s important that that component remains strong. If you’ve ever wondered if your home’s foundation needs repairs, here are some details to consider.


While a small crack here and there isn’t usually cause for concern, if you start to notice cracks in a number of places both inside and outside your home, there may be a foundation issue. If you’re noticing gaps and/or cracks in the foundation or bricks of your home, especially horizontal ones, you should have your foundation assessed. The house may be settling much quicker than it should be. Diagonal cracks on the outside windows are also an indicator of foundation issues. In addition, if you’re seeing cracks inside the home in your drywall, floor, or the bricks on your fireplace, call in the professionals to check. 

Unbalanced Floors

If you notice that the floors in your house are no longer level, it could indicate a foundation problem. Dips, sagging, squeaking, and bowing floors are often signs that the foundation is in need of repair. If you’re noting any of these floor issues, it’s best to have your foundation checked as soon as possible. If foundation problems are behind the floor changes, it’s a good idea to take care of them right away. If foundation issues are to blame, slight unevenness can quickly turn to larger fluctuations that can cause injuries. Anytime you’re unsure if your floors are becoming more uneven or if it’s all in your head, pull out the level. Monitor your floors for a short while to see if the unbalance is becoming more pronounced over time.

Windows and Doors That Stick

Watch for changes to how your doors and windows function. If you find that doors and windows begin to stick or don’t close all the way, foundation problems are often the culprit. Of course, if only one door or window is having issues, the foundation is probably not behind it. Multiple doors and windows becoming difficult to use means that the foundation should be investigated. Uneven settling of the foundation causes windows and doors to become unlevel. This leads to dragging and gaps. In particular, look for gaps in the frames of exterior windows and pay attention to latches that no longer close properly.

Musty Smells

A damp smell coming from the basement might not seem like a sign of foundation problems, but it can be. Cracks in the foundation let in moisture. This can also lead to water leaking in and mold showing up on your walls. While there are certainly other problems that can lead to mold and mildew in the home, the foundation should be checked if you are seeing these issues arise.

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Does My Home’s Foundation Need Repairs

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