How Home Renovation Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

A home renovation contractor wearing yellow coveralls caulks new stairs and contemplates how to win more customers for his business.

An excellent way to win more customers for your home renovation business is to offer contractor financing straight to your clients. There are some pretty sweet benefits to offering financing, and it can really help to boost your business. 

So, let’s do a deep dive into all the ways that HFS Financials’ contractor financing can help your home renovation business bring in the clients and the cash.

Home Renovation Financing for All

HFS Financial is the best in the business regarding contractor financing for your clients. And because of our expertise and excellent service, we can provide contractor financing for almost all of your potential clients. 

That means that those potential clients who wouldn’t have been able to afford their home renovation before your business started offering home renovation financing can now not only make their home renovation dreams come true, but they can also hire you as their home renovation contractor. That means that you seal the deal more and more often because there are more and more customers who can afford your services. And that means you win more customers just by offering home renovation financing through HFS Financial. 

Become the Best Home Renovation Business

Offering home renovation financing through HFS Financial can also improve your skills as a home renovation contractor, which means you’ll bring in bigger and better jobs and more customers. 

Because HFS Financial can get your customers the financing options they need to complete their home renovation projects, you’ll be getting more practice at those home renovation projects. 

Not only that, but HFS Financial funds come to the client up front, which means that you can rest assured that all of your renovation funding is completely available when you need it. When the funding is all available up front, you and your team don’t have to delay the project or wait on stage funding. 

You can complete your construction projects in a timely and efficient manner. And a timely and efficient home renovation contractor is a good one. You can build a better and better reputation when people are happy with the timeline of their project.

When the reputation gets around that you’re timely, efficient, and good at what you do, you’ll be working hard to manage all the new customers you’ll be bringing in. All of that can come just by offering financing from HFS Financial.

Offer Bigger and Better Home Renovation Projects

What’s the final way HFS Financial can boost your business and bring in more customers? By giving you and your clients the extra boost for bigger and better projects. 

With funding options from HFS Financial, your home renovation customers can actually splurge for bigger and better projects. As their home renovation contractor, then you can add those bigger and better home renovation projects to your portfolio. 

Once the biggest and best renovation projects become the norm for you and your business, then you become known as the biggest and best. Pretty soon, you’ll only be booking the more elaborate home renovation projects that come with a more elaborate price tag. 

Simply offering contractor financing from HFS Financial opens the door for you to not only win more customers but also to become the most respected renovation contractor in your market area. 

How to Offer Financing Through HFS

The hardest part of this whole thing is making the decision — and we’d say that’s pretty easy itself. All you need to do to offer financing through HFS Financial is to fill out the contractor application. From there, we’ll contact you and have you offering home renovation financing in no time upon approval. 

Install our simple HFS widget on your website, and that will connect your clients who need financing directly to our team. That’s it! In no time at all, you’ll be offering contractor financing. 

So don’t wait around when you could be booking more and more customers. Contact our team today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How Home Renovation Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

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