How to Break Into a New Local Market When You Relocate

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Ever needed a fresh start? Relocation is a great way to start over, especially if you love adventure. This type of relocation is exciting and anticipated. Sometimes relocation is necessary for a job. If a new job opportunity that will provide you with better pay and more work opens up, it is often the road you take. Contractors relocate for many different reasons. Here are some ways for how to break into a new local market when you relocate.

Wonderful Websites

New areas can be a little challenging for a contractor at first. Your website is one of the best ways to stay on top of a move. Keep the address and contact information current on your website at all times. Web searching is one of the most popular ways people use to research and find information. 

A fresh site holds interest much better than an outdated site. Keep recent testimonials of satisfied customers in an easily-accessible place on your site. Photos of your completed work are another way to attract interest. Market yourself well with an informative, interactive website that will attract visitors.

Magnificent Marketing 

Advertisement is crucial for any business, especially when relocating. Find a creative way to get your name out there. Billboards and visual signs are effective. Radio ads on local stations are also memorable. Just a 30-second clip about your business that plays a couple of times a day can stick with people. When home improvement enters their mind, so will you and your business.

Another great advertising method to use is social media. Social media ads will target the area you are moving to, which is what you want. Your brand will be seen and remembered and will spark plans for the next home improvement project people want to accomplish.

Learn from the Locals

The local hardware store is a great hub for information gathering and sharing. This is a wonderful way to get to know the people, and they can get to know you. You can leave your contact information there so that customers can reach out to you. You can also familiarize yourself with the supplies and materials available to you.

Local contractors are another group that can help build up your clientele. By getting to know them, you are opening yourself up to be used as a referral when their workload is too heavy. No one understands a contractor’s world like a contractor. 

Real estate agents often need contractors to freshen up homes that are going on the market. Contact agents, and let them know you are new to the area and looking for leads. 

Offering Financing Opportunities is Optimal

Finally, remember that how to offer financing as a contractor doesn’t have to be hard. HFS Financial is eager to help your new clients with their remodeling and restoration projects. We can help connect clients with the loan options they need to hire you and get the job done right. And with a handy widget right on your wonderful website, your clients can inquire about almost ANY home improvement loanThis will hep you break into a new local market when you relocate.

Connect with people, be confident in yourself, and consider the opportunities around you. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Break Into a New Local Market When You Relocate

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