How to Create the Most Luxurious Shower Ever

Luxurious shower in lavishly decorated bathroom

You’re standing in your shower after another long day. As you look around you notice that the caulk between your tiles is discolored, maybe even black in some cases. The water pressure from your shower head isn’t relaxing and has started to drip continuously. Maybe it’s time to give your bathroom a touch-up and create the most luxurious shower ever, and it’s easier than you think. 

Create a Two-in-One

If you have both a full shower and a full bathtub in your bathroom, it can create a look of chaos throughout the room. But, if you can combine the two into one sleek piece, you’ll not only have more room, you’ll create a stunning visual design. This is especially true if your tiling in your shower doesn’t match the tiling in your tub. So, even if you can’t create a two-in-one, try to re-tile so that your amenities match.

Choose Your Tile Wisely

Speaking of tile, you can design a masterpiece in your luxurious shower by choosing a stylish tiling. Whether you choose a mosaic design, an eye-catching pattern, or a solid slab of stone, you can transform your showering space with this simple upgrade.

Consider Your Space

Not everyone has a ton of space in their bathroom, and that’s okay. If you’re wanting to completely redo your bathroom you might consider knocking out a wall or two to allow for a bigger shower. If not, choose space saving designs like a quarter-rounded shower that sits nestled in a corner. Add a sliding door along a set of tracks and you’ve got yourself a genius, functional design. 

Be Creative with Storage Solutions

Add sleek storage for your soap and other hygiene products when you in-lay shelving niches. Installing additional shelving is easy, with a simple caulking project, but if you can create hidden niches in your shower walls, you’ll enjoy a stylish result. 

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How to Create the Most Luxurious Shower Ever

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