How to Find Great Subcontractors

how to find great subcontractors

As a general contractor on many jobs, there are times when you will need to find and hire a great subcontractor. For those jobs you just can’t get to yourself, or the jobs you know might benefit from another set of hands, you’ll do well to look into subcontracting those out. But how do you know how to find great subcontractors? What’s the best approach? Let’s take a look at some ways you can find the very best. 


Build an active network of subcontractors available in your area. If you’re looking to find the best subcontractor for a particular job, then it would make sense to seek out a lot of subcontractors. You should always be actively searching for qualified laborers to fill the needs you may have for any given job. Attend local conferences and strike up conversations with those around you. While you’re gathering supplies for a new project, ask around about subcontractors. Your materials supplier will likely have interactions with many of the workers in the area, so let them know you’re on the hunt for a great subcontractor. Chances are they’ll know a person or two who can get the job done.

Also, be sure you’re the contractor that subcontractors want to work for. The road goes both ways here, and great subcontractors will have their pick of jobs. Make sure you’re the great contractor that they want to work with. Build those professional relationships without neglecting the personal part. Be kind, communicate well, and be reasonable. Naturally, you want the best subcontractors for your jobs, so you can be the best contractor. 

Keep a List

You may have to kiss a few toads before you find your great subcontractor or something like that. Honestly, the best way to know if someone is really good at their job or not is to work with them. Absolutely check for references when you need to hire someone new. However, you can’t know for sure until you hire someone. Keep detailed notes on any issues that arise, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision the next time you need to hire a subcontractor for the same kind of job. Likewise, make sure you keep records if someone is particularly outstanding at their job. You likely won’t forget either the good or the bad experiences, but maintaining good notes will help you to make the best decisions moving forward when you need to hire a subcontractor. Eventually, you’ll know your best options for any subcontracting job, and you’ll know who you do and don’t want to use again. 

Also, keep in mind that just because you find a great subcontractor doesn’t mean they’ll always be available for your next job when you need them. That’s when your list and detailed notes will really come in handy.

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How to Find Great Subcontractors

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