How to Get Rid of Black Algae in Your Swimming Pool

black algae
black algae
Black algae is actually just another species of green algae that looks darker than its peers. But, removing it takes some effort on your part.

If you’ve seen black algae in your pool, you’ve probably thought it was mold.  Black algae, for this reason, causes many people to take action far before they would if they saw green algae.  However, you’ll be pleased to know that black algae is not mold, and it’s not dangerous.  Algae is a living organism–it’s simply a plant that has taken to growing in you pool.  Black algae is actually just another species of green algae that looks darker than its peers.  But, removing it takes some effort on your part.  Here’s how you can get started on making your pool’s water sparkle once more.

Why Do I Have Black Algae?


If you’ve noticed black, or any other species of algae growing in your pool, there could be several reasons why.  Your pool could have poor circulation, which gives the plant more chance to grow.  The pH balance could be high, the chlorine level could be low, or the filtration could be lacking.  Addressing each of these is an important part of owning a pool, so you should make sure you’re getting these aspects checked on a regular basis.


Shock Your Pool


With recommended chemicals, you should be shocking your pool bi-weekly to make sure organisms and bacteria don’t have a chance to grow.  Shocking can be done with calcium hypochlorite, lithium hypochlorite, granular chlorine, or potassium peroxymonosulfate.  If you’re confused, contact your pool builder for details, or ask an employee at wherever you go to purchase your pool care supplies.


Clean Elements


Next, you’re simply going to clean and tend to the parts of your pool that could be causing the problem.  Rinsing down or replacing your pool filter can easily help improve water circulation.  Likewise, brushing and vacuuming your pool is a great way to help keep black algae from grabbing hold and growing.  Regular algaecide treatments are also not a bad idea, and can help kill the algae if you’ve already tried other algae removal options.


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How to Get Rid of Black Algae in Your Swimming Pool

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