How to Handle Difficult Customers

Man contemplating how to handle difficult customers

Some days on the job as a contractor, everything seems to go right. Projects are finishing on time, customers are happy, and the sun is shining. But every so often (and sometimes even more often), you have to work with a difficult customer who is hard to please. Don’t let the added pressure dim your day’s shining sun. With some thought and intentionality, you’ll see that when it comes to how to handle difficult customers, you already have everything you need. 

Keep Things in Perspective

First, it is of the utmost importance that you find a way to remain bright and composed. This will help you think clearly, solve problems quickly, and project a positive and confident attitude to the client. If the client sees you sweat, their trust in your ability to give them what they are looking for might be shaken. To help yourself remain composed and confident, remember to keep the goal of this business relationship in perspective.

You welcome a customer into your contractor business and find out that they are difficult. It would be easy to write them off as “just another difficult customer.” However, thinking this way will make it harder to proceed in the interaction with grace.

Instead, remind yourself that yes, this may feel like one more customer you need to please today. But for this customer, the experience you provide is their entire experience with your brand. When your business with this customer is completed, their experience with you will become their review of your whole business. They will repeat it to their friends and share it online. Keeping this dynamic top of mind throughout the service encounter will help you stay positive.

Earn the Trust of Difficult Customers with Empathy

At the heart of many difficult customers is a person just trying to make sure their home improvement project goes well. That goal is relatable, right? Show your client that you understand why they are being so particular, because you know how important this project is to them. Reassure them that you are going to treat their project the way you would want a project in your own home to be treated. When the customer knows you understand where they are coming from and care about doing things right for them, their trust and confidence in you will grow.

Exceed Picky Clients’ Expectations by Anticipating Their Needs

Now that you have shown your client that you care about doing their project right, exceed their expectations by staying a couple steps ahead of them throughout the service experience. As a contractor you already know every step of the project process from start to finish. Listen closely to the client’s needs and concerns. Then use that information to get ahead of any potential pain points before they arrive. If you anticipate their needs and meet them before they ask, you will surprise and delight them with your attentive service.

Finally, anticipate your clients’ needs at the point of purchase by coming prepared with funding options. HFS Financial provides the best contractor financing for customers with our quick and easy application process. You can even include our widget on your website so your leads know they’ll have funding options when they hire you. With these tips and financing solutions from HFS Financial, you can please even the most difficult customers that come your way. Contact us today at 1-800-254-9560 to see how we can help you convert leads to satisfied clients. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Handle Difficult Customers

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