How to Make Your Contracting Business Green and Attract Eco-Friendly Customers

how to make your contracting business green

According to the 2019 U.S. Consumer Sustainability Survey, more than ⅔ of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products. The fact is, basically everyone is more conscious of the environment and concerned with taking care of it. As a contractor, not only do you have an opportunity to make a positive impact, but as a perk, you can also tap into a whole new client-base by making your contracting business green. Here are a few ideas to make your contracting business greener and attract eco-friendly customers. 

Choose Green Materials

No matter what type of contracting business you’re in, you have some great options for choosing green materials. For instance, if you have a home improvement business, you can choose reclaimed and/or recycled materials. Go with eco-friendly wall paints and textiles. Locally source building and decorating supplies. Install the most energy-efficient appliances, lighting, equipment, accessories, and heating and air conditioners. 

Promote Alternative Energies

From home remodels to pool projects to backyard upgrades, solar panels can help many contracting businesses become greener. Also, consider adding green options to the services you provide if that fits into your company. For instance, you could install energy storage systems or charging stations for electric cars. 

Also, think about ways your business can use green energy, too. Maybe your office is powered by a wind farm. Perhaps your design consultant goes to calls in a hybrid or electric car. Or, maybe it’s as simple as adding a solar light to your trailer. 

Make Green-Focused Content

Does your company have a blog or newsletter? (If not, we really recommend it!) How about a social media platform? (Again, you really should.) Use that space to produce some eco-friendly content. For example, if you have a home improvement business, you could offer tips to make your customers’ homes more energy-efficient or suggest green DIY products for them to tackle. 

If you have a landscaping or outdoor-focused business, talk about drought-resistant plants, positioning shrubs and trees to provide shade (thus lowering utility consumption), or green ways to manage pests and weeds. 

Also, be sure to showcase your company’s green efforts. Show the load of reclaimed lumber you just picked up from an old barn. Do a quick Facebook Live video showing how green paint covers just as well as other brands. Give a shoutout to the eco-friendly grease remover that actually did a really great job on the job site. Or, highlight an employee who just earned a green certification. 

Offer Eco-Friendly Designs

Once you showcase that your contracting business can specialize in green technology or building, etc., you can shape your bidding process to match. Depending on your business and how eco-friendly focused you are, you could either make every bid an eco-friendly one, or you could offer green upgrades. Be sure to include some of the green jobs you have done in your portfolio, on your social media, and on the gallery of your website.

The fact is, whether you go all-in and make your business a completely green one or you start small by offering a few green design choices here and there, it’s a win for everyone involved: you, your customer, and the environment. 

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How to Make Your Contracting Business Green and Attract Eco-Friendly Customers

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