How to Offer Contractor Financing That Your Competitors Don’t

Contractor thinking about financing over blueprints

When you want to set yourself apart from others in your industry, there are things you can do to stand out in the crowd. Offer contractor financing — it’s is a great way to launch your company to the top of the charts. Not only will your customers have the cash in hand that they need, you won’t have to wait for funds to come through to get the job done right. Ready both your clients and yourself for unmatched home improvement success by offering contractor financing that your competitors don’t.

Be Different: Offer Contractor Financing

Don’t be a cookie-cutter contractor. The right tools are necessary in order for contractors and their customers to be successful in their home renovation projects. Contractors should not expect customers to choose them over the competition without providing the best contractor financing options. Not only will they appreciate that you offer contractor financing, they’ll love your workmanship and expertise that you bring to the table.

So, be different. Customers seek easy, quick, complete financing. Be sure you offer it. After choosing the fast track of home improvement adventure, clients await the fun and satisfaction that a completed project will bring. They look forward to finally sharing results with family and friends. Putting the brakes on that eagerness due to lack of contractor financing options could also put an end to the chance for you to earn their business. The difference between you and your competition could be the financing solutions you offer. Help clients stay on that exciting home improvement freeway adventure with you. Avoid the lack-of-financing exit ramp.

Plan Ahead

Adventures require planning. Be prepared and plan ahead. Just as a good spare tire and a well-maintained vehicle can provide peace of mind for a long journey, well-planned contractor financing options can bring comfort to customers making home improvement decisions. Don’t wait until a new lead presents itself before doing your research. Establish your winning contractor-financing strategy early. Think through the specifics of the process well in advance. Set yourself apart from your competitors. The more informed you are about the contractor financing options available, the better you can address the needs of both current and future customers. Think about the specific contractor services you provide. Decide how those specific home improvement services can become more attainable through quality financing solutions.

Make HFS Financial Your Go-To Contractor Financing Resource

Do you wonder how to get started on this road to better contractor financing options? HFS Financial leads the way. With very little work on your end, we’ll provide you with a handy widget for your website to direct your customers to the financing they need. Be the obvious best choice for your customers’ most ambitious home renovation needs. Supply them with the opportunity to find financing that will meet or even exceed their expectations.

With more than 55 years in the home improvement financing business, HFS Financial provides you and your customers with quality, professional, expert service. From fire pits to finished basements, a wide array of home renovation financing options are available — both interior and exterior. HFS Financial can help get your customers funded! Contact us today for more details, and get set up for your customers to take advantage of our 60-second application. With HFS Financial at your side, bringing your customers’ home renovation dreams to fruition will set you head and shoulders above the competition. Call us today at 1–800–254–9560. “You Dream It. We Finance It.”

How to Offer Contractor Financing That Your Competitors Don’t

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