How to Prepare in Case My New Pool Goes Over Budget

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You’ve met with the contractor, drafted your dream backyard, the project starts, and you realize in absolute horror that your new pool will go over budget. While, hopefully, this isn’t your reality, at HFS Financial, we like to be prepared instead of surprised. 

It is actually quite simple to be prepared for these unexpected events, and with just a few tips from our experts, you will be ready no matter what curve balls come your way with a swimming pool loan through HFS Financial. 

Scenario 1: You Paid for Your New Pool with Savings

If you have been pinching your pennies for quite some time to make sure that you can build your dream oasis, realizing that your project will go over budget can be even more upsetting. 

You worked so hard to make sure everything was taken care of, and now there is an unwanted surprise. Or maybe you just got a little carried away with all the fantastic additions available now. Whatever the case, we get it.

This scenario is likely the easiest to solve. You can simply get a personal loan with HFS Financial to cover the extra costs you incur. 

In just 60 seconds, you can use our rate checker to see if you are conditionally approved. Our experts will then reach out to you to complete the process and get you the money you need to complete your project.

Scenario 2: You Paid for Your New Pool with Home Equity 

In this scenario, you may have used the equity you have in your home to pay for your new pool but didn’t have quite enough to cover all of the costs. 

Since you can’t automatically create more equity in your home, you will need to find another source to fund your project. This is another instance where reaching out to HFS Financial can quickly and easily solve your problems.

You can take out a smaller loan to complete your project that will be paid off in just a few years. There’s no need to drag out another mortgage or anything extreme.

Scenario 3: You Paid for Your New Pool with a Personal Loan

Your first instinct might be to panic when you realize that your pool is going over budget. But HFS is here to help! Our experts work every day to find people swimming loan options that work for them and we’re the first place you should turn when you get into a pinch like this. 

But, the very best thing you can do in case your pool goes over budget is to plan in advance! Unexpected things happen in pool construction all the time. Maybe the builder found an underground issue that will cost more money to resolve. Or maybe you’d just really like to spring for that attached spillover spa after all. Whatever the case, you should have the peace of mind that you’ve got more than enough to handle those unexpected surprises. That’s why, at HFS, we offer up to 120% financing for our customers. When you apply for your pool loan, we suggest applying for more than you think you need. Then, if something happens to cause the pool to go over budget, you’d already got the ready funds.

If you have found yourself in any of these scenarios, start by completing our 60-second rate checker today. This will get you started on a path to fixing the problem. We will let you know if you are conditionally approved quickly. After that, our experts will reach out to you to follow up on the needed information to find the best swimming pool loan options for you. 

Don’t waste any more time making your backyard dreams come true. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to Prepare in Case My New Pool Goes Over Budget

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