How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Now that the cold weather is approaching and it’s almost winter, it’s time to winterize your swimming pool.
Now that the cold weather is approaching and it’s almost winter, it’s time to winterize your swimming pool.
Now that the cold weather is approaching and it’s almost winter, it’s time to winterize your swimming pool.

Unfortunately, you’ve probably had your last swim of the year and it’s time to winterize your swimming pool and get it ready for hibernation for the rest of the year. It’s a part of your property that you want to keep well maintained, even when not in use. Remember these tips for winterizing your pool.  


The first step in winterizing your swimming pool is to make sure that it’s clean. Skim or vacuum your pool, brush the surface of the deck, and rake leaves and any other debris from the water. If you see an accumulation of algae, ensure that it is cleaned out and that the water is completely clear.


All your pumping, filtering, heating, and chemical equipment needs to be properly drained for the winter. Just remove the drain plugs or caps to drain the water and other liquids because the freezing temperatures will cause the liquid to freeze and crack the system. Use this time to also remove and clean the filter grids. In addition, lower the level in the pool to about 12 to 18 inches below the skimmer if you’re using a mesh cover, and three to six inches below if you’re using a solid or floating cover. The water levels in above-ground pools do not need to be lowered.


For inground pools, a Mighty Vac is an excellent tool for blowing air from the skimmer and back into the pool. You should add swimming pool antifreeze into the line to prevent freezing damage from the harsh temperatures of winter. Next, separately add winterizing algaecide and chlorine shock to the water. For above-ground pools, simply disconnect the hoses connected to the pump and filter.


Make sure that you achieve a tight fit for your pool cover and keep an eye out for any holes or gaps. This is the final step in winterizing your pool as it will keep all of the winter elements out of your pool.

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How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

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