Is my contracting business too small for marketing?

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Small business owners may be tempted to avoid doing any marketing at all. After all, marketing plans require money and time — two things that small business owners are often scrambling to stay ahead of. The truth is that every business can benefit from having some sort of marketing plan in place, even if it’s small. Marketing for contractors doesn’t have to be complicated, just well thought out.

Marketing for Small Business Owners

While many small business owners know that they have to promote themselves, they try things without a clear strategy. Attempting a variety of ideas for marketing your contracting business won’t usually work if you don’t have a plan. You definitely need to get noticed, though, no matter the size of your business. Word of mouth is great, but it only gets you so far.

An Online Presence

While people used to pull out the phone book to search for local businesses, these days most potential clients go online. At the very least, small contracting businesses need to have a good online presence. It’s how most people will find you and discover more about what you do. Being on social media also provides the opportunity to interact with prospective customers, have previous customers rate your work, and visually show photos of your incredible skills from completed projects.

Planning is Key

A strategic plan to market home improvement business ideas takes some extra time, but it’s well worth it. Small business owners who go with a casual marketing approach may have some success here and there, but won’t necessarily know what’s working. This makes replicating the success tricky. Hiring someone who knows marketing or investing in marketing software is a smart move — at least to get going.

A Bonus Marketing Move

Many clients today want more than they can afford out of pocket. Offering financing is a good way to put yourself ahead of the competition. Partnering with HFS Financial makes it easy. Talk to us today to see how this bonus marketing move can impact your small business in big ways.

Is my contracting business too small for marketing?

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