How is marketing a local contractor business different?

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There’s no denying that having a solid marketing plan in place elevates a business’ exposure. While it may seem that advertising strategies are best left to the companies with a broader reach, local marketing for contractors is a somewhat different, but equally important, venture. Here are some advantages to marketing your contracting business in your local community.

Local Contractor Business Perks

One main difference between marketing home improvement business plans in a local community versus on a broader stage is the proximity to customers. Being so close to potential clients gives you an advantage. You can get out and meet people by going door to door or setting up a table at a local event. Either way, you get to introduce yourself and your business face-to-face, which builds trust.

First-Hand Knowledge

Another difference you have in marketing your local contractor business is that you know your community. The big companies don’t necessarily know the climate in your hometown. You know what type of people live there. Are there lots of retirees in your town? Lots of young families? Blue-collar workers? You know the kinds of things they respond to, so you can tailor your advertising to suit that knowledge.

Show and Tell

Even better than telling potential clients how good you are at your job is showing them. When you live right in the community there are plenty of opportunities to show off your work. Organize an opportunity for people to walk through one of your recently completed projects. Or, ask customers if you can leave lawn signs stating that your business did the work there.

A Marketing Advantage

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How is marketing a local contractor business different?

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