Readying Your Home for the Holidays: Home Improvement Projects That Create More Living Space

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One of the best parts about holidays is spending time with those you love. When families grow, houses often seem to shrink. As you are readying your home for the holidays, home improvement projects that create more living space are something to consider. HFS Financial will help you gain the financing your expansion will require. It’s absolutely the best choice you can make. Here are some ideas for adding room to be more comfortable as you host family holiday gatherings.

Beautify the Basement

Expanding your available space for guests can often begin by just utilizing the rooms you already have but don’t currently use. One example of this in-house expansion is a basement. 

You can easily add square footage by making the existing basement a large, livable room or multiple rooms.

There are all kinds of ways to update your basement, depending on the space it offers. Perhaps you can make it one large room to use for playing games, relaxing, and entertaining in general. If you need extra sleeping space to host out-of-town guests, you can easily put in a bedroom or two along with an extra living area.

Accessorize the Attic

Another existing room people don’t often think to expand is the attic. The attic has potential to hold much more than just storage items. A contractor can explain to you how to turn your attic into an extra room also. This would give you a great place for a large playroom that could double as a space for kids to camp out. 

Gather in the Garage

If you don’t have a basement or attic, let’s talk about some other ideas for making more room at your house. The garage is a perfect place to add an amazing apartment or recreational space. You can use this for guests who need a place to stay. It gives them privacy and allows them to easily come and go without disturbing you if their travel plans bring them in at strange hours. You can even add an extra door for ease of access.

This space is also a great overflow when you host parties and gatherings. One group can head to the garage for a movie, while the other stays in the house for board games. 

Expand the Eating Area

The kitchen is the hub of a lot of activity on a normal day. Holidays just increase the busyness of this important area. Expanding the kitchen is a great idea, no matter what. 

You will love having extra space for prepping food, storing all your gadgets, and enjoying delicious meals as a family. The holidays will also be more enjoyable because you will not feel stressed trying to squeeze multiple people into a tiny kitchen to help create everyone’s favorite treats.

Find Funding with HFS Financial

Once you have decided which home upgrade or update will give you the most space, bring your dream to us. Take 60 seconds to apply now for the home improvement financing you need. 

Our knowledgeable team is also just a phone call away at 1-800-254-9560 to talk about the options you have. Remember that readying your home for the holidays with home improvement projects that create more living space is a win all around. You will enjoy the process and have more space when you’re done. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


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