Saltwater Pools: Why The Craze?

Two new pools overlooking the sea during a sunset

The vast majority of residential pools are chlorine based, but saltwater pools seem to be increasing in popularity. While some people who don’t have a pool might see this as a strange alternative, other experienced pool owners might be more curious about what they offer. When you own a chlorine pool, it is a necessity that you deal with the hazardous chemical to keep the pool sanitary and swimmable. Chlorine can cause skin irritation and be dangerous if mishandled. Saltwater pools actually create their own chlorine through means of a chemical reaction.


If you have sensitivities to chlorine levels, you will likely find saltwater less irritating than traditional pool water. Chlorine can also be dangerous to transport and store. While most pool owners have come to terms with this and learned to handle it correctly, others might be ready to do away with the extra care.

Soft Water

When you think of a saltwater pool, try not to immediately associate it with ocean water (which can sometimes be uncomfortably salty to the smell, taste and feel). Saltwater pools actually hold significantly less salt than ocean water (about 1/10th the saline). People actually report that swimming in a saltwater pool gives skin a silky, smooth feeling that is preferred over chlorinated pools or the ocean.

Low Maintenance

As aforementioned, saltwater pools create their own chlorine through a chemical reaction. Because of this, you will not have to worry about adding the right combination of chemicals at designated times for safety. You should still periodically test the saltwater chlorine levels for safety, but more often than not it will take care of itself. In the event that it doesn’t, you will have to call a technician to handle this for you (which may still be cheaper than years of paying for chlorine).


Safety, soft water and low maintenance are the benefits of saltwater pools. The most obvious disadvantage to investing in a saltwater pool system is going to be the cost. A saltwater system can cost upwards of $5,000 more than a traditional chlorinated system up front, but you will spend less money on maintenance over the years. If you think a saltwater pool is for you, applying for a pool loan now may be the best way to make your dream a reality. Don’t settle for less now and end up spending more later. If you want a saltwater pool, you should invest now.

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Saltwater Pools: Why The Craze?

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