Social Media 101 for Contractors

social media 101

In this day and age, the fast-paced world of social media is one of the strongest marketing and communication tools available to anyone and everyone — including business owners. But social media can be intimidating and confusing if you are just getting started. Let’s break down some of the largest platforms by their user demographic and a brief description of how they work. It will help you have a little direction in how best to use these powerful weapons of communication. Here’s social media 101 for contractors. 


YouTube is a social platform where users can upload videos about anything and everything. Users can subscribe and be alerted to see updates each time you upload something new for them to view. It’s the most used platform according to this study, with 81% of those surveyed reporting that they use YouTube. This platform is unique in that you can generate income from the site if you generate enough content and followers. As a contractor, you could post DIY videos or even time-lapses of your projects. People love a before and after. There’s something satisfying about seeing the process of a building project from beginning to end in ten minutes. Around ninety percent of younger adults use YouTube, which is more than the 65 and older age group. However, around fifty percent of the older demographic still uses the platform, according to the same study.  


Facebook is one of the oldest and largest social media platforms that boasts some pretty impressive statistics in terms of sheer numbers of users. According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults surveyed said they use Facebook. Seventy percent of those users visit the site daily. That’s a lot of screen time, and a lot of potential for you to get your business in front of them. Consider creating a Facebook business page for your home improvement business where you can post photos and videos. Also, list your contact information for users who “like” your page. Most adults from age 18-64 report using Facebook, according to the same study. But the senior age group is considered to be the fastest growing age group on Facebook these days. 


LinkedIn is a little different from most social media platforms because it’s considered a site for more professional interactions. You can use it to build your network with other contractors, but you can also still reach potential clients. There’s space for showcasing your portfolio, while also participating in conversation with other general contractors or subcontractors. The LinkedIn demographic is a little smaller than the other platforms, but don’t let that stop you from getting your business out there. Pew Research Center still reports that thirty-six percent of users aged 30-49 use LinkedIn. 

Keep in mind this is just a small sample of the social media platforms available, and they all have the potential to grow your business. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (just to name a few) are also sites that get a substantial amount of visitors everyday. 

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Social Media 101 for Contractors

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