Surviving a Major Home Renovation Project

Tools needed for a major home renovation project

Does embarking on a major home renovation project send your stress levels through the roof? You are not alone. In fact, Houzz reports a 58% increase in 2020 for your fellow Americans looking to start their own big project with a contractor like yourself. From swimming pools to kitchen remodels, surviving a major renovation isn’t improbable or beyond reach. Here are a few tips to make it to the end results that both you and your client will be happy with.

Go In With the Right Mindset

You likely know people who always seem to manage to stay positive. They have a secret up their sleeve — the right mindset. But will that be true of all your customers? Probably not. While it isn’t likely that your project is going to be all rainbows and roses, going in with realistic expectations can help you and your clients survive the home-improvement season. Set the stage for success by being a contractor who prepares your customers for the reality of a major home renovation. If they haven’t done one before, it’s very likely they will not know what to expect. Be prepared to give answers to questions like:

  • What will my home look like?
  • How bad will the mess be?
  • Will I need to make any adjustments to my lifestyle?
  • Is there anything that I can do to help my kids?
  • Will the timeline for project completion be doable during this season in my and my family’s life?
  • How will you communicate about budget changes or setbacks?
  • When can I expect the project to be done?


Go into a big project knowing that sacrifices will need to be made for a set amount of time can help your customers have the right mindset before you even start. Always remind the customer of the positive outcome waiting on the other side of a job done right.

Roll With the Punches

Enjoyment and satisfaction might very well be part of the remedy for worry and frustration. For instance, are the impending and unexpected tasks in your current home renovation project perceived as setbacks and inconveniences? Become a professional problem solver. Your attitude will affect how home improvement projects proceed. Decide in advance to imagine the potential, to welcome the unexpected, and to tackle the difficult with a positive outlook. This does not require leaving a sense of reality behind. We know the world is far from perfect, so why would we expect any project — home renovation or otherwise — to be absent of troubles? It stands to reason, then, that expecting some hiccups along the way can allow us freedom to relax a bit. If you know the unexpected is coming, then it isn’t quite so unexpected anymore, is it? Triumph over those unwelcome surprises. Decide in advance to prepare your team, prioritize the essentials, and prosper in the face of great challenges! Your clients will thank you, and you’ll find that you are both able to survive the project better.

Prepare for the Challenges of Major Home Renovation Projects with HFS Financial at Your Side

Home improvement financing should increase your optimism not diminish it. Staying positive is easier when you have the assurance that your customer’s financing needs will be met by experts who know how to help them. Recognize financing as a process that can be conquered in advance and as a challenge that can be undertaken successfully.

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Surviving a Major Home Renovation Project

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