The Difference Between a Spa and Hot Tub

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Hot tubs and spas are both relaxing and entertaining, but do you know how they differ?
Hot tubs and spas are both relaxing and entertaining, but do you know how they differ?

Are you considering getting an outdoor spa or hot tub? If you are, you might be wondering what the difference between these two terms is (since people often use them synonymously). While there isn’t a major difference, there are still differing factors. Outdoor hot tubs and spas are both essentially tubs of water with heating mechanisms meant to hold more than one person and promote relaxation. They differ greatly in price, but let’s discuss all of the differences so you can decide which choice is best for you.


Outdoor Spas

An outdoor spa is most commonly attached to a pool, and feeds off of the same plumbing and mechanical system. However, it is possible to get a portable outdoor spa that is a separate entity, with no fixed location. While you can add an outdoor spa to an existing pool, it is easiest for your contractor to install it at the same time as your pool.

Outdoor spas generally start at about $10,000 – but the price will vary the most based on your desired placement of the spa. A spa that is connected to your pool will cost less than a standalone spa.


Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are standalone above ground entity’s, meaning they are not attached to a pool or installed underground.The average hot tub will hold five adults. They can easily be incorporated on a deck, concrete pad (at least 4 inches thick) or in your backyard. You will need an electrician to connect your hot tub with dedicated wiring. If you aren’t sure that your deck will be able to hold the weight of a hot tub, a structural engineer can confirm or deny this for you. Hot tubs are an extremely common choice over an outdoor spa, since they will run you out of a lot less money.

Hot tubs generally start at $4,000 or less, but if you want a high quality hot tub that will withstand the test of time – the more expensive options are your best bet. While hot tubs are much smaller than pools, they surprisingly require more maintenance. You must check the water and pH levels frequently throughout the week, but at the end of the season the chemicals and standard maintenance should only cost you about $100 per season.


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The Difference Between a Spa and Hot Tub

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