The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

fencing and decking business's guide to smart hiring

A fencing and decking business’s hiring directly reflects the company. The person you hire will interact with customers, talk about your business, and make a good or a bad impression. That’s why it pays to hire smart. Even in a tough labor market, you can do a few simple things to ensure you’re hiring the best possible candidates for your business.

At HFS Financial, we’re committed to helping you impress your customers. Reach out to us if you need help offering contractor financing to your customers. Here are some tips to improve hiring outcomes.

Know What You Need

A fencing and decking business’s hiring process starts long before any type of ad is placed. Spend some time gathering insight into what you need in your new hire by understanding the specific skills necessary in the role they will play. A decking contractor may need a skilled woodworking professional. You may need a professional with sales experience instead. Define the skills needed, including soft skills like customer service abilities.

Thoroughly Screen Applicants

When people begin to apply, screen the applicants as a first step. This includes completing necessary background checks, job history screenings, and experience reviews. It’s a good idea to also consider a personality check to determine if the individual will fit into your company’s culture.

Be sure to request and check all references provided. That may include professional and personal references. This is valuable insight into the way the individual works.

Hold a Thorough Interview

During the interview, ask questions you have about past experiences and stressful situations. Be sure to communicate, at length, what the average workday is like. For example, a fencing contractor may need to outline the need for employees to be outdoors for most of the shift and on their feet.

Fencing and Decking Business’s Words of Warning

As you begin to focus on the fencing and decking business’s hiring ads you’ll place now, keep a few things in mind. First, you’ll need to ensure you are not being discriminatory in any way. Seek out guidance on the wording of your ads to ensure they do not violate state or federal laws.

It’s also important to know your state’s laws regarding background checks, especially when they include a drug screening process. Consulting with a human resource department is beneficial to those companies who may need to hire for a very particular position and don’t want to worry about complications in this area.

The Right Employees Keep Customers Happy – And So Do We

If you are a fencing contractor or a decking contractor, you know the importance of impressing customers. Part of that comes from having a team of pros you can count on. Let HFS Financial be a part of that team.

With our contractor financing, you can help your customers get the help they need to move projects ahead. Your clients need just 60 seconds to complete an application for a loan to complete their project using our site. Help encourage them to take the next step. Contact us online or call 1-800-254-9560 now. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

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