The Pole Barn and Steel Building Business’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Maybe you have a new pole barn or steel building business, and you’re ready to break into the world of social media marketing. Or maybe your business has been around for a long time, but old marketing strategies aren’t working for you anymore. Social media marketing does take time and effort, but it’s not that complicated. Here is an overview of how your pole barn or steel building business can become a star on social media.

Make Social Media Business Pages

Step number one is to make business pages on different social media platforms. But which ones should you choose? According to the Search Engine Journal, the top four most used social media platforms are currently Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram, in that order.

Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s smart to make a page on both of these platforms, because you can link the pages and post on both at the same time.

YouTube would be great if you are able to make video advertisements, as YouTube interrupts people’s videos for short commercials every few minutes. You could also start a YouTube channel where you give tours of your pole barns or steel buildings. You can even do a timelapse video to show people how incredible you are at constructing these buildings.

WhatsApp is basically a messaging/calling app that people can use to communicate with unfamiliar people without giving their phone number. You can make ads for WhatsApp just like on Facebook/Instagram, or you can connect your WhatsApp business account to a Facebook ad, so people can click a button on the ad and instantly send you an inquiry on WhatsApp.

On a side note, Pinterest ranks as #7 on the Search Engine Journal’s list of most used social media sites, but a large portion of Pinterest users are homeowners looking for home improvement options. Therefore, it’s another great option for advertising your pole barn or steel building business.

Start with Something Simple and Learn the Systems

The logistics of choosing advertising options and gauging their effectiveness might seem overwhelming at first. You could take a course on social media marketing or buy a book about it, but you can also learn as you go. Start by making one advertisement and simply post it one time.

Facebook often offers to “boost” your first ad for free. Facebook has built-in software that lets you choose target markets for your posts, see how many people the tags will reach, and schedule future posts. The more you explore the software, the easier it will get.

There are websites that can help you manage posts/advertisements for all of your social media accounts in one place, such as Hootsuite or Zoho Social. You can even schedule posts in advance to keep your social media updated with little effort.

Make a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Here are some ideas that can be incorporated into your social media marketing plan.

  • Offer customers a discount if they share a picture of your product and tag you on social media.
  • Make funny memes which include helpful information about pole barns or steel buildings.
  • Run a sweepstakes that can only be entered by people who “like and follow” your page.
  • Post time-lapse videos of your projects being built.
  • Sponsor already-established YouTubers in the construction industry in exchange for your logo in their videos.


Use Easy Financing as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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