Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

A brand representative works to build their brand on social media.

There is no denying that much of our lives are lived and shared on social media. People in every corner of the world log onto social media every day to connect. They connect with other people, public figures, and brands and businesses, too. Instagram has shared that “People come to Instagram to follow their passions, from travel and fashion to food, entertainment and everything in between. And those passions extend to brands, with 80% of Instagrammers following a business today.” When your brand provides social media content that connects with your audience, people will be open and happy to follow, engage, and share your content and marketing. How do you achieve this connection and following? Take a look at some tips to build your brand on social media.

Determine Which Platform Is Right for Your Audience

There are a number of social media platforms, and that number continues to grow. You may be inclined to have a presence on every platform “just in case.” However, with a little research and focus, you may find that your marketing would be better focused on a specific platform. Different age groups are known to inhabit specific spaces in the social media universe. Know your audience demographics and focus your social media presence on the platforms they frequent. Additionally, seek out new markets you desire by creating a brand presence where they are most engaged.

Make the Right Type of Content for Your Chosen Platforms

People interact with each social media platform in different ways. Users of each platform come to that platform expecting specific types of content. Therefore, it is not wise to copy and paste the same content to multiple platforms. Get active in your chosen platform and see the types of content that are currently favored. Also, pay attention to these trends because they can shift over time. The posts you posted five years ago or even one year ago will not be as effective if repeated in today’s social media climate. 

Develop Consistency Across Platforms

Once you have determined which platforms are right for your brand, create consistency across those platforms. The type of content may be different from platform to platform, but it should all be in your brand’s voice. A user visiting your profile on a new platform should feel immediate recognition with your content on other platforms. This includes color choices, fonts, image content and filters, and your brand’s written voice. 

Make Connections with Onsite Videos and Images

Social media is the perfect medium to give your audience a glimpse behind the proverbial curtain. Share videos and images from onsite at your company to connect your online audience with your real-life business. Share quality work you have done, your team making the magic happen, and moments that show off your special brand culture.

Interact and Stay Active

The last of our tips to build your brand on social media is simple: be present! It is not enough to post a photo and go. Followers are more likely to interact with your content when you are responsive to them. Like and reply to comments on your posts. Share or repost positive mentions of your brand or images people post enjoying your content. Find ways to participate in trends or viral moments in your brand voice. Many platforms use algorithms that favor producers that are interactive and responsive with followers and commenters.

These tips to build your brand on social media provide a great place to start with your online strategy. The best thing now is to get in there and start! Then, discover how HFS financial can help you convert followers and leads to happy customers by offering convenient financing options. Contact us today to get started on helping build your brand. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

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